I am Adele Feuerstein, a former equestrian vaulter. I never let the sport go although I stopped to vault in 2009. Everyday I checked the news & missed it so much. In December 2013 we had a communication class at university where we were asked to start a blog. I posted links for some days. And then something unbelievable happened over night. You guys found the page on Facebook and pushed the likes from 2 to 502 during one and a half days. I was so overwhelmed. Thank you!

In 2014 I met another enthusiast on Facebook: Ana Celina Belotti from Brazil is so addicted as myself that we could chat about freestyles, horses, outfits, new countries, gossip & so on night after night. Maybe you are feeling similar about this lovable sport or maybe you are just looking for information, either way our blog should be a good place to find new developments, results, interviews & everything else we stumble over in the Internet.

At the moment, we are a team of five women from all over the world: Germany, Brazil, France and USA. We want to cover equestrian vaulting worldwide, so we write as much as possible in English. If you think your country likes to read the posts, we would be pleased if you could translate them.

We would love if the page would become a place for discussions, news & exchanges of experiences. Please

  • send us all links about vaulting,
  • tell us if you have a special competition,
  • write us something about vaulting in your country,
  • breathe your wish for interviews,
  • post the videos with compulsories, technical tests or freestyles everyone should see
  • or just give us your feedback about the blog & the Facebook page.

It would help us a lot to keep VaultingNews alive.

If you want to become more involved we offer you a “membership” in our Facebook group. This means you commit to help us with our work. This can be that you send us info, give your opinion or in the best case you start writing for VaultingNews. You can choose your topics, interview partners & style by yourself. We are looking for long detailed essays about the diffrence between compulsories & really short collections with the best videos from freestyles with the theme “Cirque de soleil”. We discuss vaulting every day. The topics we are the most enthusiastic about make it to the blog. What do you think is important in your country?

Thank you for your trust in our work.

~ Adele

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