News and Highlights from CHIO Aachen 2018 Individuals and Team Competition

The individual and team competition at the CHIO Aachen has ended today. Spectacular vaulting with a lot of highlights. So here we present a couple of them for you. Of course, much more has happend in the first two days at CHIO Aachen, but we can’t cover everything ūüėČ

Squad Competition

Team Fredenbeck has won the Preis der Sparkasse! They had a rough start in the compulsories, but their horse was very reliable in the freestyle round. So they could perform their amazing freestyle precisely. Team Norka started the competition how they intended, securing first place after the compulsory round. Unfortunately due to a stop of their horse Picardo at the end of their freestyle, they lost a lot of time. But they managed to end the freestyle with some impressive vaulting.

UVT Eligius won the bronze medal with a ‘Catch the blue bird’ theme. And also Team SVEA from Sweden and C.I.M. Italy showed their new freestyle themes.

Female Competition

For the German individual vaulters CHIO Aachen is a thrilling competition. Because it is the last selection trial for the World Equestrian Games in Tryon. Kristina Boe won with a 8,186 in total. She started the competition in second after the compulsory round, but took the lead after an amazing technical test impersonating a shark. And finishing strong with her Jane Goodall freestyle.

With Sarah Kay and Janika Derks taking 2nd and 3rd place. The German women took the podium. Other vaulters who you have to look out for in Tryon are Ilona Hannich and Marina Mohar. Ilona’s technical test¬†is very entertaining with some cool combinations and transitions, while Marina’s freestyle on music from Lorde was exactly on point. Another vaulter who will be at WEG is Elizabeth Osborn from the USA. 2 years ago at the World Championships in Le Mans she placed 9th and this year in Aachen she reached the top 10 as well. And last but not least, let’s not forget the Italian vaulters: Anna Cavallaro and Silvia Stopazzini, who came in 4th and 5th place. The former with her new painter freestyle.

P.s. don’t forget to take a look at Janika Derks freestyle, while she suddenly decided to change her freestyle theme and gave the premiere to Aachen.

Male Competition

For the 3rd time in a row, Thomas Br√ľsewitz has won in Aachen. After performing a flickflack from standing backwards, he won the freestyle round scoring 0,001 more as the runner-up Jannik Heiland. He is impersonating¬†Truman Burbank, from the motion pictures The Truman Show. Jannik was second in every round and with these consistent results he secured the second place in the overall ranking.

Bronze medalist Jannis Drewell climbed up the ladder, starting off with 4th place in compulsories, then winning the technical test round and coming in 3rd for freestyle. Starting on his new horse Qualimero lunged by his mother Simone Drewell, he was very happy securing 3rd place.

Who also stood out was Bal√°zs Bence, coming in 5th after both compulsories and technical test, he performed a good freestyle and also ended the competition in 5th place. We hope to see the junior European Champion from 2014 at WEG later this year.


This was just a small wrap-up of the individual and squad competition. Tomorrow we have another day with a.o. the pas-de-deux finals and Nation’s Cup which will be broadcasted by WDR.

For more videos, take a look at the page: Zelly’s vaulting videos.


Picture by: im|press|ions ‚Äď Daniel Kaiser

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