Powerhouse Austria WEG 2018 Nominations

As always, the nominations for Austria follow after the Bundesländermannschaftsmeisterschaft in June. This year they will use all places available, but one. 3 females, 2 males, 2 pas-de-deux and a squad. And everybody, make sure to take a look at their nominations, because Austria is very strong this year. With multiple World- and European Championships medals (including WEG 2014), Lukas Wacha and Jasmin Lindner will go for gold again. And Jasmin also is the current defending World Champion individually.
Further, Lisa Wild was the World Cup Final and EC bronze winner in 2015 and Katharina Luschin has won CVI Portogruaro, Ebreichsdorf and Pezinok this year. So all three females are definitely big contenders to reach the podium.
And what do you think about the squad? They were on top of their game in many competitions this year and after winning bronze twice in the last two years, will they take it to the next step? Well, we will know in less than 3 months 🙂

Female Individual

  • Katharina Luschin – Fairytale – Maria Lehrmann
  • Lisa Wild – Fairytale – Maria Lehrmann
  • Jasmin Lindner – Dr. Doolittle – Klaus Haidacher

Male Individual

  • Dominik Eder – Pipetto – Martin Eder
  • Ramin Rahimi – Royal Salut – Manuela Barosch


  • Jasmin Lindner and Lukas Wacha – Dr. Doolittle – Klaus Haidacher
  • Theresa Thiel/Stefan Csandl – Crossino – Karin Böhmer

Team URC Wildegg with Maria Lehrmann and Alessio


  • Lisa Wild
  • Katharina Luschin
  • Magdalena Riegler
  • Barbara Hruza
  • Nikolaus Luschin
  • Leonie Poljc

For more nominations, see: http://vaultingnews.com/tag/nominations/

Source: EQWO.net

Picture by: Andrea Fuchschumer

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