Vaulting Uniforms – How is 2018 looking in vaulting fashion?

Hi everyone! It has been a while since we last posted anything new. I am sorry for that, we have been terribly busy and trying to catch up with adult life. As usual, I will add that VaultingNews is still here and it is your platform to interact, so if you feel like you have something to say, let us know!

I am taking the time to post this super cool little interview we did with Eliza Strauss, from Prelude Design, who does vaulting uniforms! Eliza is in the USA and works with all sorts of designs, we took some time to ask her a few questions and if you are interested in learning more about her work you can reach out to her on her email: or her Facebook page.

It is short but mighty, and it did feel good to go back to writing about vaulting after such a long time.


What is one thing that we used to see in vaulting uniforms that is not very common today? Any particular design such as the geometric lines that you don’t think are very common anymore?

I think our vaulting costumes today have a lot more flair to it. The thing that I think we don’t see very often anymore, is uniforms that are colorless or bland.

I feel like last year shades of grey were the color of the season in terms of vaulting uniforms. We had many vaulters in grey and brownish. What do you think of the uniforms in 2018?

Last year’s colors felt a little depressing to me. But I think that this year is a good year for us vaulters. This year I would recommend going for a purple/blue or red-black-white-ish costume. So far I have had many requests for white and red suits and surprisingly light green and white.

Fashion vs functionality. Some vaulting uniforms are made of a material that is so thick and itchy that they are very hard to bear. What are your tips for a comfortable uniform?

Well, my reasoning behind a good suit is that it fits pretty tight. Not so tight that you can’t move any more of course. But if u have a really thick outfit material u should just take a size down so it feels good on your body!

Vaulting uniforms not always last for a long time, sometimes children outgrow them and they become outdated when a vaulter changes to a different theme. How often do you get clients who want to re-adapt their uniforms to a new theme? Do you have any suggestions of what could be done with a uniform when it is no longer in use?

We got people that want to redesign every few months, we want to give people our trust that they can be assured of the best quality and service. Suits that don’t get used anymore otherwise get sold for other people to use or we recycle them to use in other suits. Of course, they get a clean wash and purification beforehand.

What is the hardest thing about designing a uniform for a squad

The hardest thing to design an outfit for the team is to get the designs exactly the same on each crew-suit. With different measurements, this sometimes is the hardest thing for us out there.


Once again I apologize to Eliza for taking such a long time to publish it – we actually conducted the interview in February.


I am a 27 years old psychologist from Brazil, although I have graduated in psychology I work with media and communications, with a focus on data analysis. I am currently heading towards a master's degree at the London School of Economics (LSE). I am not vaulting anymore, but I did for over 10 years. As it very often happens in our sport, I never really left, I taught at a social project for a few years and have been working on VN since 2014.