VaultingNews says goodbye to its founder

In 2014 Adele Feuerstein created VaultingNews for a school project. I don’t think that in her craziest dreams she ventured the possibility of it becoming what we have today. VaultingNews is the face and home of an incredible community and also the first attempt to actually shortening the distance between distant corners of the vaulting world.

But if there is anything that I can say about vaulting is that it is a sport of passion. When passion goes, vaulting loses its meaning. So, although it saddens me to think about it, I am here to announce that Adele has decided to quit the VaultingNews team. It has been a long road, and this has been talked about during the last few months. Truth be told, we are all re-evaluating our relationship with this sport and with this blog, which is why we have been so quiet lately.

In 2008, deciding to quit vaulting was the first very hard decision that I had to make in my life. I was 16 and I remember that it was a decision that required my whole body to be invested in the process of letting go. To this day, I think that I have been looking for reasons to hold on to it and VaultingNews became one of them. But one of which I am very proud of. I am sure that Adele is also proud of the work we have been doing here, although she might not be able to express it right now. And I am positive that the blog will continue to move on, maybe we need to make some changes but we will still be here if she changes her mind.

I am not going to make this unnecessarily long, I will just very much like to say thanks to Adele for giving me the opportunity to speak my vaulting voice. There is one person who I always go back to when I think about moving past vaulting and this person is Megan (Benjamin) Guimarin. In 2017 she wrote this brilliant article to reflect on her relationship with vaulting and how it fits into her life and, since we both share an admiration for people from the 00s vaulting, I think this is a good last recommendation for you (Adele).


I would like to end this by sharing a few of my favorite Adele moments with you. Some of her master ideas that have really made a difference to the development of VaultingNews and to the community that it enables:


  1. The first time we ever interacted – It was in the comments of this post in which I question her why was Leonie Falkenberg – from Team Neuss – vaulting for Koln.
  2. Throughout these past few years, there were a few “pinch me” moments. Those in which we actually stop and think: Is this really happening? Isabel Fiala was one of my childhood heroes and I remember sharing my excitement with Adele when Fiala became one of VaultingNews best friends. The first time we spoke to her, she told us about opening her own club and to this day I am so very proud to have been able to be a part of telling her story. Check out the interview that Adele conducted with her here.
  3. Vaulting is a global sport. It takes different shapes in each place, but it is all around the world. One of Adele’s priorities while in VaultingNews was telling the story of different countries and different people. She took us to Gran Canaria, to Equador, to Australia, Swaziland
  4. Finally, another of my favourite Adele moments came when she realized that Kristina Boe and Viktor Brusewitz were wearing the same socks in their freestyle outfits. How odd. She decided to investigate and this turned out to be a very funny interview with Boe that, to this day, is still one of our most read pieces. Read here.


We have indeed not been around much lately. But we will be back soon.

VaultingNews needs to rethink itself and we all need to make tough decisions and this makes it a better moment than ever to join our team, we are looking for fresh blood, fresh ideas, fresh style. Also, I will stress again that if you have something to say about vaulting, we can be your platform, even if as a guest writer.


I am a 27 years old psychologist from Brazil, although I have graduated in psychology I work with media and communications, with a focus on data analysis. I am currently heading towards a master's degree at the London School of Economics (LSE). I am not vaulting anymore, but I did for over 10 years. As it very often happens in our sport, I never really left, I taught at a social project for a few years and have been working on VN since 2014.