Best PDDs and Squads 2017 crown Italy, Austria and Germany for both teams

A lot of votes for this year’s best Pas-de-Deux and Squads, especially for the juniors where Clara Kopke and Lara-Sophie Maurer were way in front of the other contenders! You were 1,126 (51%) to place the Austrian Junior Pas-de-deux in first place. Two German pairs come 2nd and 3rd: Katharina Von Eynem and Philine Lindhorst can be proud of their second place followed by Jolan Kogl and Ronja Kahler in third.

Regarding the Senior Pas-de-deux, after winning the Best Female of the Year 2017, Silvia Stopazzini is back in first place with Lorenzo Lupacchini, with 37% of the votes. Right behind them, Theresa Sophie Bresch and Torben Jacobs for Germany. And the lovely Austrian pair Theresa Thiel and Stefan Csandl end up in this position.

Best Squads’ come both to Germany: Nordheim for the Juniors and Norka for the Seniors.
For the Juniors, 581 voted for Nordheim, 309 for Tosstal Voltige and 246 for the team who represented Italy at the Championships this year. It was quite close though for the third place, because Club 43 (Austria) stuck to the Italians until the very end, only 5 little votes separate them from a dead-heat.

Votes for the Senior Squads were much closer to each other, placing Team Norka in the lead with 309 votes. However, the Netherlands with Team Roy Rogers was not far and comes second with 251 votes. The Swiss girls from Lutisburg managed to get 244 votes, placing them third for 2017! Not far behind, Team Neuss (14%) and Wildegg (12%).

Once again, well done to all! And we are looking forward to see what you have kept for us in 2018!


I am an Irish vaulter, becoming a judge but I am also French and live in Paris where I work for a horse racing daily newspaper. I am also the author and owner of the blog .