Best PDDs and Squads of 2017

This year was the year. No category is more interesting in 2017 than the squads and PDDs. Although completely Eurocentric among the senior vaulters, this was the year in which we saw many changes that might mean new air for our sport. I am of course speaking about Team Norka and the PDD Lupacchini and Stopazzini, both had a wonderful season and might be game changers for next season. But that wasn’t all, no no no. Team Neuss broke the internet once again with a very innovative freestyle that puts them once more in the path towards the top – a small reminder that on 2016’s poll we decided not to include Team Neuss because they were renovating and had not yet peaked. This year is different.

Among the juniors we saw the clash between Club 43, the defending World Champion and Nordheim, and this year Germany won. Among the junior PDD the competition is also interesting, with USA once again proving to be strong in this category.

I don’t want to speak much, I think that both fields are open for debate and we really want to know your opinion. So let’s get voting!

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