Three questions for… Manon Noel

French vaulter Manon Noel just won the World Cup leg in Paris and she agreed to share with us her experience of the World Cup.


Vaulting News. – How do you feel about this success?

Manon – I am very happy. I was far from imagining I would win this leg when going there, so I am truly pleased! I am going to try and take the positive out of this competition in order to repeat it in the future, getting those sensations back and the kind of mood I was in. What I liked the most was to perform in front of a French public, which boosted us a lot! I am also very proud of my horse Kirch and lunger Kevine, who worked really well!


What are the next steps?

I will also be competing at the World Cup leg in Mechelen, in Belgium. For the moment, we are focusing on the World Cup, we are continuing to work and then we will see how everything goes and define another objective.


Anything new in you vaulting lifestyle/training you’d like to share with us?

My way of training has not really changed, I work on the ground, the barrel and the horse. I don’t really have new moves in my programme either, the only new thing would be the building up of my freestyle. Because I really made it up for the World Cup to try and really put forward the composition of my programme.


Well done again! and good luck for the next competition!


I am an Irish vaulter, becoming a judge but I am also French and live in Paris where I work for a horse racing daily newspaper. I am also the author and owner of the blog .