Video: Interview Hannah Sterverding

Cindy Lu Theis did an interview with Hannah Steverding who represented Germany as an individual vaulter at the World and European championships in 2016 and 2017 as well as a squad member in 2016.

Hannah Steverding is introducing herself in the video. She is now 18 years old, which means 2017 was her last junior year. A short introduction of equestrian vaulting follows. Hannah Steverding says the most important things are to keep the tension on the cantering horse, to vault in harmony with the horse, flexibility, strength, endurance, stamina and expression.

Her mother vaulted as a child as well. Hannah Steverding’s older sister was already active as a vaulter, when Hannah was seven years and joined her. Today she trains individually three times a week and two times a week with the squad on the horse in Mainz Ebersheim. Additionally, she does stamina training once a week at her father’s rehab office.

A typically individual horse training starts with brushing and preparing the horse. Then she warms up with her training partner Lara Thiel. At the same time, her coach warms up the horse. The two vaulters then prepare their exercises on the barrel before they move to the horse. There they start with the compulsories. The second part of the lesson is devoted to doing freestyles to music.

Hannah Sterverding’s freestyle theme in 2017 was “panther”. Her goal was to embody the carnivore panther as good as possible. For that she wore a black catsuit and colored contact lenses.

She always thought it would be great to compete at a championship but she didn’t think she would come that far, although it was her dream to represent Germany at a championship.

Her biggest achievements are the silver medal at the European championships 2016 with the junior squad, the bronze medal at the same event asan individual, seventh place at the junior world championship 2017 and third place at the German junior championship 2017.

She has now to switch to the seniors which will be more difficult.

Adele Feuerstein

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