Swiss Championship 2017: Some Special Rules

Last weekend the Swiss championship took place in Rosental Wängi, organized by the vaulters of Lütisburg. All the results* can be found on the Swiss Vaulting Association’s website. A while back, the national Swiss rules were changed and are now closer to the international rules. Though, a look on the results shows at least one difference: Most times not judge A (like it would be internationally) but judge B is repsonsible for the horse score.

Swiss champions 2017 are Ramona Näf (Lütisburg), Andrin Müller (St. Gallen), Lütisburg 1, Mohar / Hofstetter (Harlekin) and for the juniors Samira Garius (Montmirail), Sven Ris (Lengnau), Harlekin 1 and Ryf / Schneider (Athleta).

The senior squad of Montmirail became second with 0,8 points behind Lütisburg. Third was Harlekin with 0,2 points less. I really hope for some competition at the top one day.

It is interesting that Jochen Schilffahrt (Germany) judged some classes. At most national championships only national judges are invited.

The pas de deux at the Swiss championship have two rounds like in other countries or internationally but have to show compulsories in one round and then the freestyle in the second. For qualifications for international competitions where there will be two freestyle rounds, only the routine score counts.

The senior individuals show a compulsory, a technical test and one freestyle. All other categories have compulsory and freestyle.

Since there are not too many participants in the top categories in Switzerland, there was also a supporting program for lower classes. Of course, there was not that much time for these categories besides the Swiss championship, so that not all applications could be accepted. The selection of the participants was not completely clear. The M squads in the results file were not part of the Swiss championship.


*It is awesome that the results can be found online, also thumbs up that they were uploaded so fast and thirdly I appreciate that all interim results are part of the pdf file. All that is great! The downside, a 36 pages document is very, very confusing. I thought I whould find the final results on every fourth page but then women and men were together on one page and separated on another. The document also follows the running order od the tests instead of first women results and then men results, etc… Could I search in the document? No, because it is scanned. I don’t know if the display of the results is an issue of the software or of the organizers. Either way, since most results are somehow difficult readable from many countries and of different event categories (though there are also good examples) I would long for a solution during the next ten years.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.