Australian Championship And CVI To Take Place This Weekend With Pauline Riedl

Australia is holding its 21st national championship together with a CVI. That means they offer nearly all classes from barrel to CVI***. I tried to find out how man non-Australians take part, but the participants list has no nationalities. Though it is quite impressive. Lots of vaulters taking part, the schedule is packed.

And one thing is sure, German squad champion Pauline Riedl flew to Australia. She is participating in the CVI3* in Sydney. Her horse for the event is Hunter View Sinatra, better known under “Frank”. He is owned and lunged by Robyn Boyle, near Scone (New South Wales). Frank is known to have a lovely canter, which helps quite well in the scissors. He usually gets good horse scores.

We have also seen Antje Hill on the pictures. Frank Spadinger (Austria) is there to judge. It is nice to see that the continents mix the attendees.

The arena looks amazing. Very fitting for a championship.

Event’s page for more information.

Edit October 01, 2017:

Adele Feuerstein

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