Ping Pong: Juan Martin Clavijo

We first talked to Juan Martin Clavijo right after the first World Championships for Juniors in 2015. At the time, we spoke about his experience as junior world champion and we got to learn more about him, who was unknown to most of us by then.

By the end of last year, we spoke again and discussed his first year as a senior and his plans to go back to the Junior Worlds in 2017.

Now, here we are once more with the task of discussing our Junior World Champion, from Colombia, who just successfully defended his title during the championships in Ebreichsdorf, Austria.

I wanted to do something different this time around though. So I decided to try a new interview format: A ping pong. Easy, curious questions to enable us to really learn more about Juan.

I hope you enjoy it and we thank Juan Martin once again for agreeing to talk to us and answer all of our questions.

1.If you were to create a playlist to illustrate your trip to Europe for the World Championships for Juniors in Ebreichsdorf. What would be the number one song? It could be the song that illustrates your mood or the one you have been listening to that gives you inspiration.

Mightylele, by Stonebwoy

Listen to it:


2. Tomorrow is a competition day. What would you have for dinner tonight?

A huge salad

3.Your favorite compulsory exercise?

The dismount

4.The harder Tech Test exercise for you?

The shoot-up mount


Watch the full video on Voltige Videos


5.Which part of your freestyle is your favorite?

This part:


Watch the full video.

I also love this part, as we mentioned on our infographic last week, both male champions had moves pretending to break their necks this year.

6.Complete the sentence: WEG 2018 is …………..

Going to be awesome

7.Ingelsberg or Neuss?

Team Neuss

8.Pick one situation: Landing from the flank right on top of a mud puddle and being covered in mud, or falling on your rear right on top of a pile of manure?

Definitely landing on top of a mud puddle.

9.Vaulting on a squad or individuals?


Juan is a big part of a squad from Colombia and represented his country multiple times. Including the WEG in Caen (2014) and the World Championships in Le Mans in 2016.

10.You now have a time machine and you can go back to any of the past 3 WEGs and compete individually (without much disturbance to the current timeline, in case you were wondering). Which one would you pick: Aachen, Caen or Kentucky?

Kentucky, because I wasn’t there.

Juan wasn’t in Aachen, in case you are wondering. But he was in Caen with the Colombian squad where they vaulted on Wizner, who two years later went on to be the horse of Compagnie Noroc on their World winning venture.

11.Your favorite memory from your latest trip to Europe?

I’ve got a lot [of memories], but competing in the championship was certainly my favorite.


To wrap things up: Three longer questions that were on our mind

12. What is a normal day like for you back home?

So a normal day for me, starts by is waking up at 6, the I get driven or drive to school, which starts at 7:10 am, I have lunch at 12:30 and finish school at 3 pm, after school I go training, which is 15 minutes from school and 5 minutes from home, so my life it’s pretty much in my neighborhood. My training starts at 4 pm and we’re done at 6:30 or more, then go home for dinner, get school homework done and go to sleep around 10 pm most days. But Wednesdays are cool because I finish school at 1 pm, and I can train much more. As for weekends, I also train but dedicate some time for family and friends as well.

13. Where did you get inspiration for your theme? What were you trying to express?

Actually, I didn’t get the inspiration, my sister did! When I was preparing my technical test for worlds in 2016, but for the junior worlds, I thought that for having a change, I could do the impersonation of the Jared Leto’s Joker version from the “suicide squad” film. In this year’s freestyle, I tried to express madness, because in the film he is insane, and drives Harley Quinn to be so as well.

Remember a few weeks ago when we talked about nerd vaulting? Well, Juan Martin clearly fits into the category. The guy impersonated two different versions of the Joker! Last year he went for the more classical “Dark Knight” approach and this year he picked a new version based on the Academy Award winning motion picture, Suicide Squad.


*** I am sorry guys, but there is still one question missing and I will add it later on. Please come back for an updated version!


I am a 27 years old psychologist from Brazil, although I have graduated in psychology I work with media and communications, with a focus on data analysis. I am currently heading towards a master's degree at the London School of Economics (LSE). I am not vaulting anymore, but I did for over 10 years. As it very often happens in our sport, I never really left, I taught at a social project for a few years and have been working on VN since 2014.