Infographic: #Vaulting2017 in numbers and facts

This is it, the European and World Championships for Jrs came and went. It was an amazing week! We are missing it already. The excitement of waking early (to me it was 3 AM in the morning) watching as each participant gave their best showing us what they trained the whole season to do. It was really great! I can’t wait for next year!

To sum things up, we managed to fit all the details and interesting trivia from the Championships into one infographic. We bring you the final numbers and a few fun facts, everything you need if you haven’t had the time to follow the action or if you got lost in the middle of the information stream:

All the data gathered here was obtained by us doing our coverage or from our analysis of the information made available by the organizers.


As we mentioned during our coverage on Facebook, I don’t think we have the full perception of how important the results of this last weekend really are. You can access them here.

Additionally, here are a few videos you might want to watch, we will add more as we find them:

Team NORKA – Germany

Lupacchini and Stoppazini – ITA – PDD

Team Switzerland – Lütisburg

Male Senior Individual Erik Oese

Kristina Boe – Senior Individual Gold

Female Senior Individual – Nadja Buttiker 

Male Individual – Lukas Hepler – 4th place


Thank you very much for sticking with us, we promise to bring you cool updates and interviews about the post-championships feelings in the near future!


I am a 27 years old psychologist from Brazil, although I have graduated in psychology I work with media and communications, with a focus on data analysis. I am currently heading towards a master's degree at the London School of Economics (LSE). I am not vaulting anymore, but I did for over 10 years. As it very often happens in our sport, I never really left, I taught at a social project for a few years and have been working on VN since 2014.