Medal Tables Of The Championships 2017 — Germany And Austria On Top

That’s it. We have the final results and champions of 2017!

The top three show that in the junior category many nations play at the top with very close results and lots of top vaulters on the further ranks.

Even that there were placed athletes from the one or other country in the senior category in the past, Germany was the dominant nation in 2017. With the retirement of the Frenchmen, Simone Jäiser, Joanne Eccles and the injury of Lukas Wacha for example, the Germans took the opportunity to collect many medals.


Six nations on the four podiums is a great number for the juniors.

1. Germany (Nordheim) – Humphrey Bogart 6 and lunger Andrea Blatz 8.130
Solveig Blankenhorn, Lara Häussermann, Mara Xander, Charlene Zweininger, Anne Schlumbohm, Melanie Eger

2. Austria (Club 43) – Darwin and lunger Karen Asmera 7.579
Lena Birkenau, Nicole Brabec, Flora Aberham, Christine Wagenlechner, Sarah Kopp, Verena Brabec

3. Switzerland (Tösstal) – Isabella IV and lunger Corinne 7.555
Rahel Schmucki, Daria Gallo, Asarja Hunn, Anja Schneider, Servereine Neumeister, Celine Winter

1. Nicole Brabec AUT – Royal Salut and lunger Manuela Barosch 7.990
2. Franziska Peitzmeier GER – Dorian Gray SN and lunger Anna Brinkmann 7.910
2. Johanna Lindberg SWE – Real Easy and lunger Dusan Barci 7.831

1. Juan Martin Clavijo COL – Qiece D Aunis and lunger Andra Tronchet 8,181
2. Gregor Klehe GER – Adlon 59 and lunger Alexander Hartl 7.945
3. Philipp Stippel GER – Sir Valentin 5 and lunger Dina Menke 7.817

1. Anna Krippl and Viktoria Feldhofer AUT – Le Grand Chevalier and lunger Eva Maria Kreiner 7.938
2. Ronja Kähler and Julian Kögl GER – Daytona and lunger Lars Hansen 7.824
3. Janie Salisbury and Bridget Kiernan USA – Diva 506 and lungerCarolyn Bland 7.750


Among the seniors, Germany was the most dominant nation. The Germans collect seven of the 12 medals:


1. Germany (Team Norka des VV Köln-Dünnwald) – Danny Boy 25 and lunger Patric Looser 8.419
2. Switzerland (Lütisburg) – Rayo de la Luz and lunger Monika Winkler-Bischofsberger 8.407
3. Austria (VG Wildegg) – Alessio L’Amabile and lunger Maria Lehrmann 8.164

1. Kristina Boe GER – Don de la Mar and lunger Winnie Schlüter 8.398
2. Sarah Kay GER – Sir Valentin 5 and lunger Dina Menke 8.121
3. Nadja Büttiker SUI – Keep Cool and lunger Monika Winkler-Bischofsberger 8.090

1. Erik Oese GER – Calvador 5 and lunger Andras Bässler 8.232
2. Jannis Drewell GER – Diabolus 3 and lunger Simone Drewell 8.148
3. Clément Taillez FRA – Dyronn and lunger Cédric Cottin Holzberger 8.078

1. Lorenzo Lupacchini and Silvia Stopazzini ITA – Rosenstolz 99 and lunger Laura Carnabuci 8.840
2. Theresa-Sophie Bresch and Torben Jacobs GER – Picardo 13 and lunger Alexandra Knauf 8.606
3. Jolina Ossenberg-Engels and Timo Gerdes GER – Caram OE and lunger Claudia Döller-Ossenberg Engels 8.208

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.