First Day of the Jr. WM & Sr. EM Kicks Off

So it begins!

The big event of the year, the Junior World Championships and Senior European Championships in one competition.

This competition, the biggest of the year and perhaps one of the biggest ever, boasts 117 horses from 21 countries carrying 290 vaulters.

The competition is now well underway. Horses began moving on Monday, then went through the vet check followed by a time for teams to practice. All horses passed the vet check and are able to compete.

Today began the first day of competition with individual compulsories for both the Junior and Senior levels. The competition went smoothly despite the sweltering heat and humidity. All the competitors competed very well with close competition in every category.

The first day of competition was capped by the opening ceremonies where the competition was announced officially open by the Austrian Minister of Horse Sports. The ceremonies also featured a choreographed dance group and a Nations Cup game involving representatives from each country which Finland won. The ceremony was capped by a performance by the three French vaulters Nicolas Andréani, Jacques Ferrari, and Lambert Leclezio as well as the Judge Karolina Wickholm all vaulting on the pony from Sweden.

Tomorrow will continue the individual competition with the freestyle as well as the start of the Pas de Deux and Squad events. Continue to check back to for updates on the competition throughout the week and follow us on Twitter for live result updates.