Many Different Interpretations Of Similar Themes 2017

Wow, what a lot of interesting CVI’s have gone by in the past couple of months. And what you probably already noticed is that when a new season begins, new themes arise. VaultingNews has set out some of the themes and interpretations from this year.

Last year there were a lot of Lion King/Junglebook/fairytale inspired themes, which was cool, because you can recognize these themes quite easily. But sometimes it felt more as if we were in Disneyland than in a vaulting competition. Another trend is the more dark themes, for example Maleficent, Cruella de Ville, Zombies, Evil Queens/Kings and many many more.

Coming up with a new theme that hasn’t been used before is quite hard, so sometimes it’s even nicer to take an already known theme and give your own spin on it. This year we have seen some themes which have been used by multiple vaulters, so let’s take a look at them.

Starting with Pauline Riedl and Mara Xander, they both use music from the Adam’s family, which is new and refreshing. Although the performance and outfits look very different, making them both unique.

Kristina Boe portraits Rey from Star Wars, just as Alex Playfoot, a junior vaulter from Australia who will represent her country at the junior Worlds this year, and Sophie Pittl from the Austrian club Seefeld. The outfits are the same, but they all perform very different and original moves in their own style. Sarah Kopp from Austria’s Club 43 is a salvager from Star Wars. In the pairs we see a junior pair, Joeana Mumprecht and Annina Basso, from Switzerland choosing Star Wars as their theme as well. Jim Roedel is Luke Skywalker.

Another trend you can see is the wolf/cat theme. Anna Cavallaro started this year’s World Cup Final winning with her new wolf theme. But she is not the only one, Lotte Geelhoed also has a wolf inspired theme with different outfit and music interpretation. Janika Derks looks a little bit like a wolf, but is a cat. Her outfit speaks for itself, but the performance of the freestyle is more abstract, which distinguishes her from the others. Ramona Näf is cat woman and, with her unbelievable strength and flexibility she definitely makes an impression.

Going on with superheroes, we have seen Wonderwoman Roxanne Ruigrok and Britta Stork, who won the CVI2* in Ermelo this year. Viktor Brüsewitz and Wessel Kuijpers portraying Iron Man, a lot of Suicide Squad characters, different versions and characters of the Huntsman movies, Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit and more.

Let’s not forget about fairytales this year, both in the senior and the junior classes we have seen all kind of Beauty and the Beasts, since the new movie came out. Also mermaids Claire de Ridder, Charlotte L’hommeau and Chiara Congia have set foot ashore, while the junior French team Meaux are sirens. And let’s not forget about team Neuss, who are reinventing the Alice in Wonderland theme.

Bird themes have been quite popular for a while, also this year we see Silvia Stopazzini in a feathery outfit and the winner of the junior 2* in Ebreichsdorf Nicole Brabec as a Rio bird. Going to another Rio inspired theme, junior team Nordheim, who will represent Germany at the junior Worlds, will try to cheer everyone up with their swinging Rio freestyle.

A funny fact is that junior team Tösstal from Switzerland and senior team Roy Rogers from the Netherlands introduced their new theme War Horse, not knowing that the other team had it as well. And two years ago, they also had the same theme, Cinderella. But just like the Cinderella theme, they still have a very different use and interpretation of the theme. Jannik Heiland is also using the War Horse theme, another great freestyle, but doing it as an individual it doesn’t look similar to the teams.

Switzerlands Marina Mohar and Ilona Hannich freestyles are Indiana inspired, while Nadja Büttiker vaults to ‘Music is like Dance’.

Remark: a theme can also be more abstract or being creative with the music, it doesn’t have to be a clear concept like a lion for instance.

We are open for more pictures or theme suggestions. Just send them our way.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.