The Final Vaulting Day At The CHIO Aachen 2017

Another eventful competition at CHIO Aachen has finally come to a close.

The focus of today was Prize of Sparkasse Nations Cup, with Pas de Deux also finishing up tonight as well.

For the Pas de Deux, the Italian pair Lupacchini & Stopazzini took first with a new theme, the German pair Ossenberg-Engels & Gerdes took second, the other German pair, Jacobs & Bresch took third, and the Austrians, Csandl & Thiel took fourth.

The next event was a separate Nations Cup division of only squads consisting of squads from countries who did not have enough individuals to make a full Nations Cup team. In this competition, Team Great Britain took first, Danish team BIS 1 took second, and the Russian squad took third.

Finally for the main event, the Nations Cup, Team Germany 2 (Janika Derks, Kristina Boe, and Neuss) took first, Team Germany 1 (Sarah Kay, Erik Oese, and NORKA) took second, and Team Italy (Francesco Bortoletto, Anna Cavallaro, and CIM Italy) took third.

The weekend was one filled with excitement and competition but perhaps most importantly, the thing people don’t always see, is the continued camaraderie that is built between competitiors behind the scenes. The laughs, the stories, and the friendships that are built are what make vaulting the great sport that is.

With CHIO complete for 2017, all eyes are on the Junior World and Senior European Championships next month in Ebreichsdorf, Austria. Check back to for the latest news on that competition as well.

The nominations for Germany are now complete. The individuals for the championships are: Kristina Boe, Janika Derks, Sarah Kay, Thomas Brüsewitz, Jannis Drewell and Erik Oese.