What A High-Class Tournament In Aachen!

With two days completed here at CHIO Aachen, fans and vaulters alike have gotten everything and more from these spectacular performances. The individual competition has been completed so far with fierce competition in both the male and female divisions.

For the women, Janika Derks (GER) took first, Anna Cavallaro (ITA) took second, and Kristina Boe (GER) took third. The scores were very close, especially in the freestyle, and many who had strong freestyles were brought down by low Technical Test scores.

It was clear from the beginning that the female vaulters have trained a lot and are well-prepared for this year’s European championships. Four ladies scored over 8,0 points in the compulsory. The technical test scores were lower with a 7,5 for the winning routine. In the freestyle even seven ladies reached 8,1 points or more. Every round was won by another woman. This promises the amount of vaulters at the top to grow bigger and an exciting championship.

For the men, the competition was as well very interesting. Thomas Brüsewitz to Micheal Jackson took first, Erik Oese as a ghost took second, and Viktor Brüsewitz as Iron Man took third.

While there were many fantastic performances, there were likewise a few unfortunate situations to occur. First, Lorenzo Lupaccini and Francesco Bortoletto (ITA) were disqualified before the Technical Test because of a soundness issue with their horse. Second, Jamie Hocking (AUS) was unable to perform his Technical Test because of his horses behavior in the ring, but he was not disqualified and performed a great freestyle.

Since this is a German selection competition, here are the German only rankings:


1) Janika Derks
2) Kristina Boe
3) Cornina Knauf
4) Sarah Kay


1) Thomas Brüsewitz
2) Erik Oese
3) Victor Brüsewitz
4) Jannik Heiland

Jannis Drewell has already been selected for Germany.

The squads finished their competition as well. NORKA won the freestyle round but Neuss (GER) is still in the lead, NORKA (GER) is second in the overall ranking, and CIM from Italy took third. The squad competition was also very close. Unfortunately UTV Austria had a couple of major falls but they were able to finish the competition. Tomorrow will be the second round of Pas de Deux as well as Nations Cup, guaranteed to be another intense round of competition.

Since the CVIO Aachen is calssiefied as a CVI**** it is possible to do one compulsory round and one freestyle round for the squads instead of one compulsory and two routines. The teams have to do a second freestyle tomorrow anyway for the nations cup.

Check back to vaultingnews.com tomorrow for the final results from CHIO Aachen with the nations cup.