Lindner And Wacha Will Compete With A German Horse And Lunger

The Austrian nominations for the championships were published. It seems like both scores from the selection trials were added for those who took part in both – some horses and vaulters were injured in spring. The pas de deux Lindner and Wacha had a set back because of the broken arm of Jasmin Lindner. Then they were not able to compete with their horse from last year, Dr. Doolittle.

For the CVI Ebreichsdorf they borrowed a horse and lunger from Tösstal (Switzerland) and finished as second behind the Italian pair. For the European championships they are nominated with the horse Holt’s Romeo of Ingelsberg with Alexander Hartl. The pair has won golden medals with three horses so far. Let’s see if they can repeat their preformance with a fourth partner.

My source for the Austrain nomintaions for this year’s championship was since I did not found a list on the page. Today’s updated list is from the Pferde Revue:

Junior female individual

Nicole Brabec with Royal Salut and lunger Manuela Barosch (Club 43/NÖ) (also in the squad)
Lena Birkenau with Royal Salut and lunger Manuela Barosch (Club 43/NÖ) (also in the squad)
Marie-Christine Clement with Dacia lunger Miriam Hilbert (VTZ Aequitas/NÖ)

Junior male individual

Philip Clement with Dacia and lunger Miriam Hilbert (VTZ Aequitas/NÖ)
Florian Grill with Lennox V and lunger Maria Lehrmann (VG Wildegg/NÖ)
Georg Gabl with Raffaelo Nero and lunger Cornelia Suitner (VG Seefeld/T)

Junior Pas de Deux

Clara Köpke and Lara Maurer with Louis Bonheur and lunger Lena Kalcher-Prein (VG Gratwein/St)
Anna Krippl and Viktoria Feldhofer with Le Grand Chevalier and lunger Eva Maria Kreiner (VG Styria/St)

Junior squad

Club 43 (NÖ), team members: Lena Birkenau, Nicole Brabec, Flora Aberham, Christine Wagenlechner, Celina Achter und Verena Brabec with Darwin and lunger Karen Asmera Club 43
Nennungen Senioren Europameisterschaft

Senior female individual

Katharina Luschin with Ramazotti 155 and lunger Melanie Neubauer (VG Wildegg/NÖ) (also in the squad)
Lisa Wild with Ramazotti 155 and lunger Melanie Neubauer (VG Wildegg/NÖ)
Alina Barosch with Dustin Von Lohe and lunger Manuela Barosch (Club 43/NÖ)

Senior male individual

Ramin Rahimi with Royal Salut and lunger Manuela Barosch (Club 43/NÖ)
Dominik Eder with Pipetto and lunger Martin Eder (Gerarsdorf/NÖ)

Senior Pas de Deux

Jasmin Lindner and Lukas Wacha with Holts Romeo and lunger Alexander Hartl (VG Pill/T)
Theresa Thiel and Stefan Csandl with Crossino and lunger Karin Böhmer (UVT Eligius/NÖ)

Senior squad

Wildegg (NÖ), team members: Lisa Wild, Katharina Luschin, Barbara Hruza, Sarah Gollubics, Anna Weidenauer and Nikolaus Luschin with Alessio L’Amabile and lunger Maria Lehrman

Adele Feuerstein

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