(Updated) CVIs Frenštát And Krumke: Live Stream And German Trial

Four CVIs are left before the championships in August. This weekend our thoughts go out to Frenštát pod Radhoštěm in the Czech Republic and Krumke in Germany.

All horses have passed the veterinarian check in Frenštát. They will canter for vaulters from Finland, Russia, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Mauritius and Argentina. It is a selection trial for Czech and Slovakian vaulters. The organizers will offer a live stream on Saturday and Sunday.  All starter lists and results can be found on their website and live results on Vaulting Results. Maybe interesting for other organizers: They use the music upload system Vaulting Music.

CVI Krumke is pretty exciting for the German fans: It is a senior selection trial, for now for Aachen. Aachen has more starting spaces than the championships. So, four individuals get selected for Aachen and after the CVIO three will receive their ticket for the championships.

Who is still in the contention for the Europeans?

Daniel Kaiser’s horse Down Under is injured and he won’t compete without him.

Jannis Drewell wrote on Facebook this week that he was injured lately and won’t take part in Krumke.

Johannes Kay of the pas de deux with Janika Derks was injured after last weeks federal state’s championship. We have no word if he is better now.

Edit June 30, 2017: The pair was on the entries list but is not on the starting list. Is this the chance for Gerdes and Ossenberg-Engels or will the vaulters form Neuss get the nomination anyway?

This German article has more news from Neuss: Pauline Riedl is back in the senior squad. Oh, and Jessica Lichtenberg will have her second child next week, this is the reason why she stays at home.

The senior squads are fighting hard for their chance to represent Germany in Austria. Fredenbeck, Köln and Neuss are this year’s candidates. Ingelsberg is not in Krumke with the team.

Three Pairs are reaching for the Europeans: Jacobs and Bresch with their Swiss lunger Patrick Looser, Gerdes and Ossenberg-Engels and of course Kay and Derks.

For the individuals many more apply for the honor to represent their country at the championships than spaces are available. This will be an exciting battle.

All in all Krumke shares the same fate like most CVIs this season. Because there are so many events or even two competitions at the same weekend, the number of participants decreased. Only 9 squads and 9 pairs entered the competition. But at least in Krumke it won’t be boring — 96 individuals will show their performances from tomorrow.


Adele Feuerstein

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