Nominations for Argentina, Denmark and Austria

Not even six weeks until the equestrian vaulting championships in Austria. The host country nominted its representatives today, Denmark and Argentina did last week.


Argentina will send one female individual to the junior world championships 2017.

The squad took part in a few CVIs in Europe this season. Their big goal are the world equestrian games in 2018 as a senior team.


Junior Squad

  • Skibby 1 with the lunger Hanne Haagen Hansen and the horse Amadeus Højbogård

Junior Pas de Deux

  • Helena Nagel-Harvig and Helena Sjøgren with lunger Maria Louise Rasmussen and the horse Turbo af Kloster

Female Individual

  • Ida Trab Christensen with lunger Pia Sørensen and horse Boston
  • Anna Victoria Bruun Damm with lunger Lise-Lotte Bjarndahland horse Rocher H
  • Emma Helene Kaps with lunger Lasse Kristensen and horse Klintholms Ramstein

Senior Squad

  • Billund Sportsrideklub 1 with lunger Maria Louise Rasmussen and horse Turbo af Kloster

Senior Female Individual

  • Sheena Bendixen with lunger Lasse Kristensen and horse Klintholms Ramstein
  • Nanna Trab Christensen with lunger Pia Sørensen and horse Boston
  • Amanda Staalsø with lunger Sanne Lorenzen and horse Rådbjergs Pari Town



Austria has so many great female vaulters this season that the trial was pretty hard. Selection trials were the CVI Ebreichsdorf and today’s competition between the several federal states. Isabel Fiala finished as third today but was only 7th Austrian in Ebreichsdorf. Nicole Kirbisch was 3rd at the CVI but 6th at the BLMM today. Both were not nominated.

At first it looked like Seefeld had a chance to represent Austria. They were best Austrian team at the CVI where Club 43 was not able to compete. Club 43 won the BLMM with 0.5 points infrontof Seefeld.

Austria used all possible spaces except of one. This is very good, especially that they had costs of 65.000 Euros for last year’s championships.

Junior Squad

  • Club 43

Junior Pas de deux

  • Clara Köpke / Lara Maurer – VG Gratwein
  • Anna Krippl / Viktoria Feldhofer – VG Styria

Junior Female Individual

  • Nicole Brabec – VG Club 43
  • Lena Birkenau – VG Club 43
  • Marie-Christine Clement – VTZ Aequitas

Junior Male Individual (same vaulters as last year)

  • Philipp Clement – VTZ Aequitas
  • Florian Grill – RC Wildegg
  • Georg Gabl – Seefeld

Senior Squad

  • Gruppe Wildegg

Senior Pas de deux

  • Jasmin Lindner / Lukas Wacha – VG Pill
  • Theresa Thiel / Stefan Csandl – UVT Eligius

Senior Male Individual

  • Dominik Eder – Gerasdorf
  • Ramin Rahimi – VG Club 43

Senior Female Individual

  • Katharina Luschin – VG Wildegg
  • Lisa Wild – VG Wildegg
  • Alina Barosch – Club 43

Results CVI Ebreichsdorf

Results BLMM

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