Nominations: Finland And Canada Will Join The World Championships

The fact that more and more nominations are published is a very good sign for the fans: It shows that the championships are not that far away anymore.


It was in 1998 (I had never heard of vaulting) when Finland sent a vaulting squad to a championship the last time. Now after 19 years they finally were able to assemble a junior team again (The world championship in 1998 was limited to 18 years and younger). Lotta Merinen will represent Finland as junior individual.

After 1998 the coach of the team moved to California. Katarina Alongi then trained the US American team with which she won a medal at the championships. The Finish clubs lost the connection to international vaulting at that point. Especially good horses were an issues for the clubs as well as the education of new coaches and lungers.

For the last few years Finland was part of the FEI solidary program which helped them to meet the international level again. We are looking forward to meet you at the junior championships!


Canada is sending three female individuals to the junior world championships. The country had no paticipants in the first edition in 2015. We give a warm welcome to Cassidy Johanesson, Dallyn Sheilds and Charlotte Axni, all three of different clubs!


Italy published a long list on June 9, 2017 if I translated it right. I am not sure if it is a long list since most categories have less names than possible spaces for the championships. Only the junior individuals do not seem fixed yet.

The Club Ippico Monzese is nominated in six of seven categories including both squads. Italy has only one junior and one senior pas de deux which made the decision easy. The four senior individuals are condidates for the top ten at the championships. Since Italy has not many vaulters, most of the individuals are also part of the squads.


I think I saw a list on Facebook but cannot find it anymore. Woodside seems to be nominated as squad, which means that the FACE team iAll other names will be published on Sunday June 25, 2017.

Adele Feuerstein

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