The Brilliant New Exercise Of 2017 – Interview With Renske Van Schaik

This interview with Renske van Schaik, the flyer of Roy Rogers, is an original by YOLOVAULTING.

Because of the amazing results of this girl with the team RoyRogers and as individual as well, we wanted to know something more about her!

Hi, Renske! First, congratulations for your great results at the CVI Moorsele!

Can you describe the feeling after the great competition?

I actually didn’t really expect I would do so well, but I already felt so nice and comfortable during the competition and afterwards, it was just amazing!

What is your theme this year with individual?

My theme this year is Backdraft (fire). Some other vaulters already have something with fire but not one with the lights, as I have☺️ so I think it is still something totally different and unique!

With RoyRogers you have Warhorse as theme this year, the music is very emotional and there is one brilliant exclusive exercise. Whose idea was it to create it?

I really love the theme, and I watched the movie, I was a bit emotional too… It influenced me so much! Every time I hear the music I remember the importance of the horses in the world wars! It was Cynthia’s idea to try that exercise and no one else has done it before, so I think it is really cool to do!

Have you been nervous or did you feel or pressure right before the freestyle with team or individual?

Yes, I really felt nervous! Especially for individual! Not because I should reach a 6,8 but I wanted to show what I practiced during a competition! I got some pep talks from my teammates and that really worked! I am always nervous but they all help me with it! For the team, I was less nervous than in Ermelo, because we didn’t have anything to lose! Cynthia always tells me: we don’t have anything to lose, so just have fun! And that is really important!

Can you describe your horses in a few words?

The best!❤️

Who is your vaulting idol?

My vaulting idol is Corinna Knauf!

Can you tell us something about your coach?

Cynthia Danvers trains me for individual and for the team! She helps me with everything! With every up and down! She also thought about my theme for individual! And I really want to thank her! Because without her I would never have done this at all!

What is your favorite food?

I think I prefer pancakes the most! And the best are with Nutella and bananas.

Do you have a special diet because of the trainings?

No, I try to eat a bit more healthy than before, but I really like fruits, so it isn’t really a big thing for me.

How is your training schedule during the week?

On Monday, Thursday and Friday I have training in Bilthoven. Every Friday we have team training, and the days I don’t train in Bilthoven, I do some training at home.

How do you manage everything with school?

That’s a good question! I do a lot of work on the weekends and on the days I don’t train. And I study quite easily I guess.

Do you have a ‘yolovaulting’ feeling sometimes when you don’t like the serious trainings anymore?

Sometimes when an exercise doesn’t go as I want it to go I have that feeling but on the other hand, I want it to try as much until it goes well! But we have a lot of fun during the trainings and there is time for YOLO, relaxing and laughing.

Do you have any goals with the team or as an individual?

With the team, I hope to perform well in Austria at the European Championships. And individually, I am going to try to get another 6,8 and probably qualify for the World Championships!

Thank you very much for this interview! We wish you the best in the future!

Renske is such a sweet and nice girl to meet! So friendly and with a lot of goals for the future!
Here is a video of Renske and her team RoyRogers at CVI Moorsele

On this YouTube channel from Michiel Zelvelder you can watch a lot of videos from Belgium, Saumur and Ermelo!

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