CVI Masters Wiesbaden: Live Stream Starts At 09:00 PM CET

It is defenitely a good year for vaulting fans around the world: thre are live streams or videos from nearly every international event. Today at 09:00 PM CET and tomorrow from 01:15 PM CET we can follow the invitation-only competition in Wiesbaden on It is a CVI Masters which means that we will see only freestyles. In every category are only 4 to 6 competitors. This is very spectator-friendly since I guess most of the visitors are from other disciplines in Wiesbaden. It is very nice that the the 19 teams (of vaulter/s, lunger and horse) come from four different countries.

Next weekend we fans can follow the CVI Bern in the live steam on the FEI YouTube account.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.