CVI Canada 2017

The competition starts in half an hour. The schedule can be found on the Canadian vaulting page. Pretty cool is that they not only sort it by time but also by club or country. Head coaches can see all starting times of their vaulters on one overview page. Very nice!

Jeanine Van Der Slujis sent us her first impressions from the venue on Friday:

“All the horses arrived yesterday at the facility of CVI Canada Cup. Horses came from California, Colorado and Washington in the USA, as well as horses from Alberta and British Columbia in Canada. There was official training in the afternoon and evening.

Horse Inspection was at 08:30 AM this morning. All horses, except for 1, were accepted. Sampson from the Rocky Mountain High Performance Team (a composite team from several clubs in the USA) was not accepted to compete. The squad is looking to switch to another horse to be able to compete. They are up for Junior Squad Selection for the USA, as well as a squad from Woodside/Pacific Coast and FACE. It will be an exciting competition to watch between the three highly competitive squads!

All of the 1* individual, pas de deux and squad classes start today, as well as the 2* and 3* Squads!”

Kristian Roberts, May 29, 2017: “Results are up! Junior male, Jace Brooks is eligible for selection now after earning a 6.537 in the first round of junior 2*!

For the women, Bodhi Hall secured her lead with an average of 7.511, Ana Schult moved up two spots to land her in second place with a 7.247 average score. Tessa Belardi is in just in third with an average of 7.241!

The woodside squad moved into first place going into the final competition for the squads next weekend.

Bodhi Hall and Caroline Morse are also in first followed by Janie Salisbury and Bridget Kiernan in second.”

Kaleb Patterson, May 30,2017: “It was an eventful weekend in Chilliwack, BC, Canada this weekend at the annual CVI Canada Cup.

This weekend was special for two main reasons: first, competitors in the 1* competition on Friday had a chance to move up and compete 2* in the same CVI, this is especially important for non-Europeans because access to CVI’s are limited; second, this was one of the major events for American and Canadian Jrs. trying out for Jr. World Championships in Austria. For this, all the major contenders showed.

For individuals, the top three women were Bodhi Hall, Ana Schult, and Caroline Morse (all USA). The race for the top spots in the women’s division is perhaps the most contentious this year with at least six girls being serious contenders for the top three spots.

For the men, the top three were Luke Overton (USA), Jace Brookes (USA), and Talmage Conrad (CAN). Most noteworthy is Jace Brookes who received his FEI Certificate of Capability in the first round even after a fall in the freestyle.

For the Pas de Deux competition, Hall & Morse (USA) took first and Rodel & Schimack (USA) took second. Finally, for what’s turning out to be a contentious fight in the squad division, Woodside/Pacific Coast Jungle team took first, just behind them was The FACE Jr. Squad, and in third was the Rocky Mountain High Performance Team.

The final USEF Selection Trial takes place next weekend in Palo Alto, CA, USA. This will be the final stop for the squads however several of the top women will be competing at CVI Flynge (SWE) so their final results will come much later.

Check here for a complete list of USEF 2017 Jr. Rankings.”

If I counted right, five nations participated: Canada, USA, Australia, Brazil and Mexico. The representative for Mexico is Alejandra Orozco who published this advertisemnet for her sport on Facebook lately.

Edit June 6, 2o17: I counted wrong. I missed that there were competitors from South Africa and the Netherlands. Thanks for the hint.

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