Re-Live CVI Hungary

The CVI of Hungary was held in Budapest last year. There were around 99 individuals, 9 squads and 9 pas-de-deux from 11 countries which took part. (1)

This year the CVI had to move to Kaposvár due to constructions at the arena in Budapest. Kaposvár is not very good to reach. The next airport is 200 km away.  That might be one reason that not many vaulters registered for the CVI.

The other one might have been that there are too many CVIs this year. Nearly every vaulting country is organizing one and of course everyone is participating in its own. There were only 1 squad, 3 pas-de-deux and around 34 individuals.

I wonder if all the effort of organizing such a big event were worth it.

Results are on Here are the links to the live streams:

May 12, 2017

May 13, 2017

May 14, 2017

Maria Bondar competed in the 2 stars category and this was the freestyle of Balázs Bence:


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