German Selections For the Junior World Championships

One space left

Yesterday the German juniors were nominated for the world championships 2017:

Team: Nordheim
Reserve team: Ingelsberg
Mara Xander
Franziska Peitzmeier
Hannah Steverding
Gregor Klehe
Jannik Liersch
Philipp Stippel

Pas de deux
Julian Kögl and Ronja Kahler
Philine Lindhorst and Katharina von Eyern

The nominations were published pretty early in the year. This is why the juniors had several regional selections during the winter. It was pretty important that they showed their best back in January. What I heard, it was forseaable back then, that Nordheim would win the German battle for the one spot for the worlds and other had no luck with their horses so that they nearly lost their spot.

What do you think of this procedure? Is it useful to nominate in May for the championship in August? Is it possible to train and stay on such a high level for such a long time?

Source: private Facebook pages of the nominated vaulters

Senior selections also started

The Voltigierserivce wrote a few weeks ago, that next to the juniors, also the top senior teams would compete last weekend. Who would have guessed that it was their first selection trial?

Fredenbeck won the competition. Very close behind them finished Köln-Dünnwald. And the third place went to Neuss. Results.

According to one of our Facebook friends, the next section will be in Krumke and the third one, probably only for the individuals, in Aachen.

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