Vaulting Summer Camp In Norway – A Few Seats Left

The riding club in Sadnes is organizing a vaulting camp in August 2017 for all experience levels. The instructors are Anna Mossige, who trains and coaches at Devon Maitozo’s club F.A.C.E in the United States, and Geoffrey Woolsen, one of the top three U. S. vaulters who represented his country at the world championships 2016 as individual and squad vaulter.  You will not only experience six days of vaulting but also train with dance, aerobic, yoga and strength coaches.

The riding club in the south of Norway has three indoor and two outdoor arenas. So, a perfect place to train.he

The participationn fee includes:

  • three workouts per day: on the horse, on the barrel and one alternative sport
  • acommodation
  • four meals per day
  • practices
  • horse time or a free stable for your horse

The registration and payment deadline is June 6, 2017, 12:00 PM Norwegian time. The entry form has to be sent to Hanna Haaland ( The costs are 3800 NKR which are around 400 Euros for all six days.

Another great vaulting destination for the summer. I really would love to go, yeah, even took a look at the route: only 15 hours from my place. I have never been in Norway, it would be great, but you know, I stopped vaulting eight years ago. So, please, have fun and send me some pictures and reports.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.