CVI Pacific Cup 2017

Day 1

Pacific Cup CVI is off and running with the first day over. Day 1 was all of the 1* goes as everyone had the opportunity to compete at 1* and 2* in the same CVI. Several vaulters qualified to move up and will now compete tomorrow again. It was a great showing today and it will be exciting to see how the competition shapes up over the coming days especially with regards to the Juniors trying out for the Junior World Championships this summer in Ebreichsdorf, Austria.

In the United States, athletes contending for a spot on Team USA are required to compete at one USEF Selection Trial, one FEI CVI 2*, and a third competition of either a Selection Trial or a CVI. To date, only Ana Schult of Colorado has enough competitions for an official score but that is soon to change at the end of this weekend.

Day 2

Day two of three of Pacific Cup CVI was a huge success with the first round of 2* being completed. For the 2* Junior Squads, FACE (USA) took first with a 6.810, Woodside/Pacific Coast Jungle Team (USA) took second with a 6.586, and Rocky Mountain Team: Finding Neverland (USA) took third with a 5.887. For the 2* Junior Pas De Deux, Kiernan/Salisbury (USA) took first with 7.411, Hammond/Stoddard (USA) took second with 5.688, and Hall/Morse (USA) took third with a 5.635. For the 2* Junior Individual Females it is a very tight race. Bodhi Hall (USA) is in first with a 7.252, Ana Schult (USA) is in second with a 7.202, and Tessa Belardi (USA) is in third with a 7.137. Finally for the 2* Junior Men, Luke Overton (USA) is in first with a 6.467, Jace Brooks (USA) is in second with a 5.974, and Jim Rodel (USA) is in third with a 5.908. Tomorrow we will see the final results which will be very important in determining who will be on the US contingent for the Junior World Championships in Austria this summer.

Day 3

The end of Pacific Cup CVI ended up being a very close race, especially for those trying for the Jr. World Championships this summer. For the Junior 2* Men, Luke Overton (USA) took first with a 6.493, Jace Brooks (USA) took second with a 6.119, and finally Jim Roedel (USA) took third with a 5.857.

For the Junior 2* Women, the closest race of this weekend and season, Ana Schult (USA) took first with a 7.308, Quinn Bohrer-Hughes (USA) took second with a 7.173, and Tessa Belardi (USA) took third with a 7.128 (a 0.045 difference). Out of the top three but not far behind was Bodhi Hall (USA) with a 7.114 (a 0.014 difference) in fourth.

For the Junior 2* Pas-de-Deux, Bridget Kiernan and Janie Salisbury (USA) took first with a 7.358, Bodhi Hall and Caroline Morse (USA) took second with a 6.569, and Shaina Hammond and Alyssa Stoddard (USA) took third with a 6.344.

Finally for the Junior 2* Squads, FACE (USA) took first with a 6.973, Woodside Vaulters/Pacific Coast Jungle Team (USA) took second with a 6.709, and the Rocky Mountain Team: Finding Neverland (USA) took third with a 6.159. (Editor’s note: the teams took their freestyle theme into their name and still compete for their club.)

Moving to 3*, for the men, Kristian Roberts (USA) took first with a 7.480, Geoffery Woolson (USA) took second with a 6.719, and Daniel Janes (USA) took third with a 6.580. For the 3* Women, Elizabeth Osborn (USA) took first with a 7.535, Jeanine Van Der Sluijs (CAN) took second with a 6.859, and Stephanie Dore (AUS) took third with a 6.560. The competition was tight and the weekend contained many amazing performances but now the Americans are turning their attention to the next USEF Selection Trial, Garrods Spring Classic, in Saratoga, CA, and then to CVI Canada Cup in Chilliwack, BC, Canada. Check out the full ranking lists for the American selection season at: USA vaulting ranking list.

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