Bram Retired, Lindner And Dr Doolittle Injured

The vaulting group Seefeld posted a picture of an article from a Tyrolean newspaper from April 20, 2017. English summary:

During a roll on the horse Jasmin Linder, part of the famous Austrian pas de deux with Lukas Wacha, fell in December 2016. She ripped the inner ligaments of her elbow. For three months, she was in therapy and was only able to start training in April 2017 again.

Now Dr. Doolittle, their horse, who competed in his first European championship in 2016 and won the senior pas de deux and women’s competition, is sick. Bram, the horse from Gilching, Germany, who they won the championships 2014 and 2015 with has been retired because of a disease.

After all these bad news, Lindner and Wacha are now positive to compete at the European championships in August. And the ambition is still there: They plan to show an element which was never seen before.

Edit April 28, 2017: According to will Jasmin Lindner compete in the pas de deux this season but not as an individual.

Adele Feuerstein

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