Easter CVIs In Italy & France

Here is what I heard or read. Thi spost is not intended to be exhaustive.

Vet check

In Saumur all horses passed the vet check. Once more, very good that we have so healthy horses in vaulting. We have no numbers from Italy.


Ingelsberg had a good start into the season, especially their horses. Both, from the senior squad and from the junior team, scored over eight points for the compulsories. Holt’s Romeo got even a 9,950 for the freestyle!

The senior vice world champion got 7,201 points for their compulsory with their new team: Gregor Klehe, Lisa Ullmann (before in Starnberg), Kathi, Noelle Dogan (former flyer T2), Heike Rey (flyer) & Regina Burgmayer. The junior team of Ingelsberg scored a 7,073.

Saturday wasn’t the day for the senior team. They fell after a few seconds & left an empty horse. The rest was very unsteady. I hope they are well. They had a new music but wore the outfits from last year. We uploaded a video with parts of the junior freestyle to YouTube.


It is totally not comparable because of four different judges but we will do it anyway: Noroc, the world champion, has also a new team constellation. Romane & Vincent are still in the team, Jacques & Anthony don’t compete anymore, Manon switched to individual vaulting (she has won the three star category) & Flora had to stop for her vet assistant studies. With that they received a 6,575 for their compulsory, Wizner, the horse, got a 7,050. This is less than Ingelsberg. The freestyle was better: 8,2 points. It is very early in season, they still have some time to improve.

So, both top teams of last year are very different now. Neuss took that step last year. This will be an interesting year.

Male juniors

The male juniors have a very nice competition in Portogruaro, Italy: Gregor Klehe, Giovanni Bertolaso, Jannick Liersch (Ingelsberg) & Philip Clement reached a score over seven in their first compuslory. Six vaulters behind them finished with 6,xxx. In the end, Jannick Liersch finished the CVI as the winner with 0,001 points in front of Gregor Klehe.


Andréa Salvador had an accident at the CVI Saumur in 2016. It was great to see her again in the circle.

This year, the junior squad of Pill had to quit the competition after the compulsory because Sandra Hörhager suffered a cruciate ligament rupture from her flank.

Two well-known vaulters in the 1 & 2 stars categories

Carola Sneekes seems to have a new horse called Safari. Maybe this is the reason why she competed in the one and two star cetegories in Saumur. She won both, together with her mother Marjo.

In Portogruaro we found a Russian name on the results list: Maria Bondar. According to the FEI data base, her last competition were the world equestrian games in 2014. Maybe she has to start in the one star category again.

Selection trials

The CVI Portogruaro is a selection trial leg for the Italians. The second leg is the CVI Ebreichsdorf, Austria. If they couldn’t decide after two international competitions, they have to compete in Pezinok or Krumke. After that Italy will publish a short list. After there are still open questions, thy will hold internal selection trials.

Both CVIs are no part of the selection trial for Austria. They select after the CVI Ebreichsdorf & a national competition in June.

Easter holidays in different countries

On “good Friday” many people were able to follow the CVIs from home. In Germany we have a public holiday which is also a “silent holiday” which means no music at public parties or sports events are allowed. The laws in France and  Italy seem to be different.


Results from Saumur are on VaultingResults.com & from Italy on their Facebook page – great service, we had years when it was more difficult to get information. The organizers from Portogruaro even had a live stream! Most of it should be stored on Facebook. We uploaded a few pictures to our Instagram account.


I would like to remind everyone: What was posted on Facebook is very difficult to find again, weeks, months or years later. So, please, let us store it in the Voltigierforum or on a website.


Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.