Live Stream For CVI Ermelo Available

We got a note from the CVI Ermelo and EQuifilm. Mischa has some news:

This year CVI Ermelo and EQuifilm have partnered up and will be providing a top-notch live stream for all you vaulting enthusiasts out there who won’t be able to make it to our venue. Just sit back, relax and enjoy three days of incredible vaulting action, from the comfort of your own home (or stable). The EQuifilm live stream will be available for all devices, mobile or desktop.

Pricing virtual tickets

Early Bird virtual ticket: € 10,00 (VAT included)
Normal virtual ticket: € 12,00 (VAT included)

Special offer for early birds!
Just use the code EARLYBIRD at checkout to claim your 20% discount! This discount is available until April 23rd. Click the orange button below to get your virtual ticket with discount today!

Video on demand

After the dust has settled you can rewatch the entire event for three months! Buy your live stream on

The live stream will be available from Friday 5th until Sunday 7th of May. For more information feel free to contact team EQuifilm at or dial +31653934693.


These are great news for one of the biggest CVIs. VaultingNews will raffle some tickets for the stream in the week before the event. 

Adele Feuerstein

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