Short List German Juniors 2017

The German juniors qualify for the world championships 2017 by passing several legs. They presented their current level to the national coach at regional trials during the last months. The best will compete against each other at the price of the best in Warendorf. The nominated for the event in May (19.-21.) are:


  • Nordheim
  • Ingelsberg
  • Mainz-Ebersheim
  • Krumke
  • Brakel

Individuals (3 male, 12 female)

  • Solveig Blankenhorn
  • Mara Xander
  • Charlene Zweininger
  • Annemie Szemes
  • Gregor Klehe
  • Jannik Liersch
  • Philine Lindhorst
  • Katharina von Eynern
  • Marie Dierssen
  • Hannah Kroiß
  • Fabienne Nitkowski
  • Hannah Steverding
  • Kathrin Meyer
  • Franziska Peitzmeier
  • Philipp Stippel


  • Emma Hoffmann and Pascal Kersten
  • Anna Neumann and Madelaine Gallien
  • Diana Harwardt and Peter Künne
  • Katharina von Eynern and Philine Lindhorst

The full selection trial of 2016 can be seen in our post from last year.

Adele Feuerstein

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