TBT: Our Favorite World Cup Highlights

On March 3rd we will all meet in Dortmund for another World Cup Final. A few of the best vaulters in Europe in the World will be there and it should be pretty exciting. You can find out more here.

We, at VaultingNews, like to celebrate and look back on the most memorable moments, this is why we have gathered a few of our favorite WorldCup stories to share with you.

First things first, if you weren’t around or if you would like to remember, we have put together all the World Cup Final results on this spreadsheet, provided to us by Google, it is accessible to everyone!

And here are our selected moments:

  1. Anna Cavallaro and Harley – 2013

Regarding World Cups, and pretty much everything else, Anna Cavallaro is one of the most successful vaulters ever. She won the World Cup Final in both 2013 and 2014 onboard of Harley, her long-time equine partner who was retired in 2016. 🙁

This was her first victory:

2. The first ever World Cup winners

Since we are already on a trip down memory lane, we might as well dig in deeper. Do you remember the two first World Cup winners in history? Simone Wiegele and Patrick Looser!

Check it out:

This video shows both Simone, with her clean lines and smoothness, and Patrick, with his iconic astronaut routine.

3. Maybe the most successful day in the Eccles family

The Eccles family dominated 2012’s World Cup final. Joanne was the winner and Hannah won the silver medal. The father John Eccles and horse Bentley must have been quite proud.

Oh I miss Joey’s lightness and strength, those were good times as well!

4. The first PDD World Cup winners ever

Well, they are the only World Championships winners so far and they were the first World Cup winners in the PDD category. Unfortunately, we have no word from the Austrian duo on why they aren’t participating in this year’s edition, but they did win it in the 2013 – 2014 season.

5. The great battle

In the 2014-2015 season, two vaulters finished the female competition with overall scores higher than a 9,0; Lisa Wild and Simone Jäiser clashed in an epic battle, and Lisa ended up going home with the gold medal, in what was probably one of the highest moments in her career so far (here is me hoping to see more of Lisa’s individual career).

Without compulsories, these two ladies finished the competition with over 9.0 and, if the other day we were talking about perfect tens, I wonder if a perfect ten would be possible at a World Cup Final.

Here is Simone so you can choose your favorite:

6.Simone’s Victory

One year later, Simone got her well-deserved medal! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact video for this one, but I hope that this does it justice:


7.Nicolas’ goodbye

Remember when we said goodbye to Nicolas Andreani? I certainly do! He also won this twice, pairing up with Anna Cavallaro and Patrick Looser.

Unfortunately, there are two “Nicolas” moments I wanted to add, but youtube doesn’t have them online. One is his goodbye, the other is his comeback in the Paris WorldCup leg one year later. 🙁

We will have to do with this video of a victory that led to his last title:



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