Summary Judges Seminar 2017

Like during the last few years (2016), the judges discussed many topics concerning equestrian vaulting rules and scoring in this year’s seminar in Geneva:

  • rules 2017
    • team events
    • dress code
  • guidelines
  • code of points
  • artistic components of technical test
  • physical development
  • horse score
  • technical exercise

The summary by Doris Knotter can be found here.

We received this paper a week ago. We did not know if it was for publication or shouldn’t become public. We decided to write our own summary of the summary. As usual we were very slow, the paper was around on Facebook before we even started. I still do not know who published it first and if this was intended.

What do you think, should we publish more internal things when we get wind of them? Until now, we discussed confidential topics only internally without posting them. Nearly all posts on this blog were written with the agreement by the affected people. Do you wish for a more critical blog or is it good like it is?

May 29, 2017 Edit: Doris Knotter published the paper herself. So, all good here.


Adele Feuerstein

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