Sarah Grayson At The Gala For The Sports Person Of The Year

During this half of the year, our view goes to Australia in the southern hemisphere. Sarah Grayson is a vaulter from there. In 2014 she competed with the Australian squad at the world equestrian games in France. 2016 was her first year as international 3*** individual. She was 2015 state and 2015 and 2016 national champion.

Sarah Grayson qualified for the world championships at the CVI in Adelaide and Rugby. That was her whole international preparation. It is not easy to vault internationally when you live in Australia. Luckily they have three CVIs this year.

Now, she was honored as Sports Person Of The Month in April of her city:

On 11th of February 2017, I represented my sport, Equestrian Vaulting at the Blacktown City Sports Awards for 2016. Earlier in 2016 I won the Sports Person of the Month for representing Australia at the FEI World Championships for Seniors and for previous achievements within Vaulting that year. Although I didn’t win sports person of the year, it was a huge achievement to win Sports Person of the Month, against many other talented sports people from all different sports. And a big thank you to my coach, Lyn Lynch for submitting the letter to support me to win this great award.

The swimmer Clary Munns won the title “Sports Person Of The Year“. Congratulations to all athletes.

Here is a souvenir picture with the presenter of the awards:

Sarah Grayson and Evonne Goolagong Cawley at the "Sports Person Of The Year" award in their town Blacktown in Australia.
Sarah Grayson and Evonne Goolagong Cawley, former Australian world number 1 female tennis player.

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