Preparation For 2017: The CVI Calendar

2017 is here and also the first CVI. Or at least their websites.

Vaulting in the southern hemisphere grows

Quito, YES! Quito, in Ecuador, South America, will open the season in 2017. Then the CVI in Adelaide, Australia follows.

Do you see a pattern here? Yes, we will stay in the southern hemisphere, with the third CVI of the year: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Southern Hemisphere is the place to be in the first months of the year and, just as the summer closes and autumn begins the vaulting circus travels to Australia again, Mount Hunter in Sydney is our next stop. Both Australian CVIs will offer many extras like a clinic for judges. Só it is going to be a pretty cool experiente.

Things don’t end there, going back to America, in June, vaulters can compete in Bogotá, Colombia. And in September, early spring, we will go to Australia once more as Sydney will hold their annual CVI.

So, four, yes four CVIs will take place in the south this year! This is a great development.

Ermelo became so big that…

During the northern summer there are the usual suspects: Portogruaro, Saumur, California, Ermelo and some more, Ermelo. Yep, Ermelo over the years, the CVI in Ermelo grew from just a small competition to a party so big that the organizers had to split it in two. Now we will have the 1* CVI separated from the 2** and 3***. Big respect to the organizers of two CVIs.

There are so many events in 2017 that again, a few are on the same weekend. We would say, it is okay for Mount Hunter and California or Portogruaro and Buenos Aires but we wonder why Moorsele, one of the main and biggest competitions shares the same date with Ebreichsdorf. They are not that far from one another as to attract diferente participants, are they?

Maybe some people will use Ebreichsdorf as a test for the championships, to be held there in August, instead of Moorsele. And that is a pitty, since Belgium has become one of the most relevante and well organizers competitions in the vaulting calendar. Let’s see.


Regional championship combined with a CVI

And now to the part, why I started this post: After the championships in Austria, Finland will hold the North-Baltic-Championships together with a CVI in Järvenpää in September. Since a CVI requires at least three rounds, they could not do two tests for both events at one weekend. They found another solution: All CVI results will also count as North-Baltic-Championship. They already had their website ready one year before and have sent it to us.

Counting all the international competitions in Europe, America and Australia, we fans will have the great pleasure to root at 26 CVIs for the vaulters. Is there anything more to wish for?

Maybe three things:

  1. No more occasions to post Nicolas Andreani’s freestyle in this crazy world (every time someting bad happens we post Nicolas freestyle to help us cope question the state of things and, hopefully, we won’t do that in 2017).
  2. A CVI in Africa. And Asia.
  3. English information from the championships and every single CVI.

Vaulting helped my geography knowledge a lot. Nonetheless, we prepared a map for our journey around the world.


Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.