German M Team Cup – 2 Totally Different Freestyles By Meerbusch

In late October the German Vaulting Cup of the M Squads was held in Zweibrücken. The organizer’s purpose is to create an event for “naturally grown club squads” and want to encourage a community experience.

Marc Schuirmann streamed the whole three days. The level of the (more or less) “sports for all” groups was pretty high and a joy to watch. The squad from Schwegenheim won the cup. On second place came the M squad from Meerbusch which prepared a big surprise.

The small city Meerbusch borders on Düsseldorf, Duisburg and Neuss. So, it is reasonable that the club has two coaches who were part of the successful team from Neuss: Anna and Sophie have been five times German as well as two times European (1995, 1997) and world champion (1996, 1998).

The club has ten teams. In October, all groups, parents and club member met for an internal party where all the vaulters created a big show. The completely female M** squad, consisting of ten vaulters and one horse, decided to take their competition freestyle to have another final test for the M cup but switch the theme from a slow music to The Jungle Book.

The M team Cup

The compulsory was worth a fifth place out of around 30 squads. Combined with the slow and very secure “ice” freestyle Meerbusch earned 6.774 and with this the second place in the qualification. The winners Schwegersheim reached 6.981 in the first two rounds. The chaser Krumbach was on the third place with 6.722.

In the final round the team from Meerbusch surprised us all. The second-last competitor did not enter the arena with the blue but with colorful jungle outfits. Pia Todtenhöfer, vaulter in the squad:

Everyone got its special role which fitted perfectly to the vaulter, catsuits were sewn, we searched for music and created the fitting arm movements.

We all like The Jungle Book interpretation so much, that we knew instantly that our internal competition wouldn’t be the only one with it. That’s is why the trainers and we vaulters decided to use the theme in our final competition of the year, the M team cup.

Of course, it was a great risk. We started with the normal freestyle to assure a smooth and secure qualification for the second round. A freestyle can only work when all arm movements fit to the music. This risk was too high for the first round, so, we surprised everyone in the final.

Luckily the plan proofed to be successful and we could finish our season with a perfect freestyle.

Two Freestyles In Other Countries

I think, I have never seen that someone changes the freestyle theme completely in one competition and even less when they are at one of the most important competitions of the season.

In Brazil this method is used regularly but the other way around. At the beginning of the season squads use the old freestyle in the first round and the new one in the second to reach a normal score.



Adele Feuerstein

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