Look into my eyes – or hands

Eyes in the hands! What a curious detail to notice on a vaulter’s outfit. Here are three examples:

PS: Why did everyone, except for Joanne, chose to go for blue eyes?

Joanne Eccles in 2013

Four years ago, Joanne Eccles, who is now retired, chose the topic “The war of worlds”, a book by the English author H. G Wells published in 1897. She described the conflict between mankind and extraterrestrial beings in her freestyle.

Here is the audio book

We follow Joanne Eccles on Instagram and the combinations she has been training are amazing! Unfortunately, she told us, that she is not planning to compete again. 🙁

Joanne Eccles at the European Vaulting Championships 2013.


Janika Derks in 2016

In 2016 we saw two vaulters with eyes on their hands; Janika Derks, who competed for Germany at the world championships was one of them.

Janika Derks at the German Vaulting Championship 2016.

Pascale Wagner in 2016

We also had Pascale Wagner las year. She competed in six CVIs and two world cup legs with her theme “Pan’s labyrinth”.

She also used the style element of eyes on her hands.

Pascale Wagner at the Vaulting World Cup in Mechelen 2016.

This is the movie of her music:

Adele Feuerstein

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