The best of 2016 – Sr Poll Results

You voted, I voted, 1000 people more have voted, and we all have chosen the best athletes of 2016.

Now that it is all over, we have gathered the results and turned them into pretty graphs, so that we can share them with you.

We are starting with the senior vaulters, first because the world cup is going on, and this might be useful if you’d like to keep track of everything that’s going on with that, secondly because we are working on turning the Jr results into a pre-World Championships for Jrs review.

This is an interesting opportunity to look back at everything that has happened in 2016 and, maybe, learn a little bit more about what we can expect of 2017.


If you are curious, you can also check out the results of past editions of our “Best of” polls. You see, this is the third time we are doing this.

2014: female, male, squads

2015: Individuals, Squads and PDDs


Before we start, let me just say once again that we from VaultingNews wish you a wonderful 2017, we know that many exciting vaulting moments are yet to come. Check out our end of the year votes here.



The year of 2016 was a pretty exciting one for individuals. We had the first ever world gold medal for a country from Africa – Lambert Leclezio, from Mauritius.  A few of our favorite veterans were also there, Daniel Kaiser, began the season winning the World Cup Final, Jannis Drewell, who was European Champion in 2015, also had a stellar season, finishing with the silver medal at both the World Cup and the World Championships, consolidating himself more and more on the vaulting stage and bringing home the silver medal in the team competition in Le Mans as well. On the other hand, the Brüsewitz brothers had a rough year, but not without its highlights: Thomas Brüsewitz won the CVI Moorsele and the CVIO in Aachen and also had a great time with the team from JRG Köln.

In the men’s category, the competition is very strong in Germany. Qualifying for the worlds was very hard, there was no favorite for those three spots, we have talked a little bit about this in July. In our poll, German fans had to choose between their 3 contestants, and that might have made their life a little bit more difficult, leaving the road open for Lambert and the Hungarian vaulting fans who gathered to support for Balazs Bence.

Worth noticing: Bellow you will see the graphs with the final results, one thing that I ask is: Where are you, French people? Maybe voting for Lambert? Vincent Haennel had a season of a lifetime, finishing Le Mans with a silver medal (actually, I hope this was the first “season of a lifetime” because I am dying to see more of him).



In the women’s class, 2016 was also a year full of first-timers. We saw Jasmin Lindner, from Austria, win a gold medal at her individual debut at an international stage during the World Championships in Le Mans. Janika Derks and Pauline Riedl, from Neuss, were another hit of the season as they left the main squad and began to build their careers in individual vaulting. Nadja Büttiker also decided to focus her season on individual vaulting and split her time with her practices with Lütisburg’s senior team. Anna Cavallaro had to overcome many obstacles but finished Le Mans with a bronze medal and Kristina Boe was back, dressed as a zombie, after having ups and downs in 2015, for a striking silver medal. Now that the medal is out of her way, maybe in 2017 we’ll see a version of Boe that’s even more connected to her artistic side and we can expect that the only way for her is up from now on. The same applies for Anna: Now that she is in harmony with a new horse, we can expect to see her shine even more.

Once again, the German crowd had a hard time figuring out who to vote for, Corinna Knauf, who finished in the seventh position in Le Mans, ended up being left behind on the poll with only 25 votes. But we must not forget that if on one hand, Corinna didn’t have her best season as an individual, her team, JRG Köln, won every single CVI it entered this year (except the one that selected the German squad – CVI Krumke), this includes: CVI Ermelo, CVI Moorsele and the CVIO Aachen. A pretty amazing year for someone who’s been in the squad since 2005.

Janika, Anna, Kristina, Jasmin, Nadja, Corinna, Isabel Fiala, Katharina Luschin, Daniela Fritz, Pauline Riedl, Elizabeth Osborn; 2016 was an important season for the ladies, maybe we can think of it as a transition going into the final season before the WEGs in North Carolina (USA) (2018).

All this was reflected in our poll.





Let’s be clear, 2016 had one name written all over it: Compagnie Noroc. But if you look closely, and this is very clear on our poll, two other teams also had quite a season: Köln-Dünnwald, from Germany, and RC Wildegg, from Austria. Yes, Noroc was the world champion, and they have brought the sport to a new standard, but we shall not forget other teams who did a wonderful job last year.

And you didn’t, for Köln was the second placed team in our poll and Wildegg was third, with only one vote separating each of them. Arguably, we can say that the team from Cologne had their best season since 2007, they were the German Champions, almost made it to the World Championships, having lost by a very small margin to Ingelsberg, and finished the CVI Moorsele and Ermelo in the first position. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see more of them in 2017 (this blogger couldn’t hide that if she tried; I am a Köln fan through and through).

Arguably, we can say that the team from Cologne had their best season since 2007, they were the German Champions, almost made it to the World Championships, having lost by a very small margin to Ingelsberg on the CVI Krumke, and finished the CVI Moorsele and Ermelo in the first position. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see more of them in 2017 (this blogger couldn’t hide that if she tried; I am a Köln fan through and through).

Wildegg, has also left quite an impression on us. Their task in Le Mans was almost impossible: Beat both Noroc and Ingelsberg, and they did a wonderful job trying to do it. They were responsible for what might have been the most iconic moment of the year of 2016: The first hand to hand handstand in the history of competitive vaulting. There is no denying that the team from Austria has done a great job in staying at the top of the vaulting elite throughout the past ten years.

Poll wise, we saw in the results for the best squad the same phenomena that happened among the men: When choosing between Köln and Ingelsberg, the German fans had to split and Ingelsberg finished with only 57 votes, against 212 for Köln. On the “Other Option” tab, many fans nominated Neuss, who we decided to leave out of the poll this year. When making this decision, we took into consideration that Ingelsberg was the world silver medalist and Köln was the German champion. In 2016 Neuss debuted a new team and we have no doubt that they will soon be back on our poll. But we don’t think that it would be particularly fair to nominate them this time.


1 vote. That’s what separated Janika Derks and Johannes Kay, from Germany, from Lukas Wacha and Jasmin Lindner, from Austria. If the Austrian PDD has been undefeatable since 2012, this year, the popular vote chose the Germans from Neuss as their favorite pdd. Fresh blood maybe? The question that we should really be thinking about is: Jannika and Johannes finished Le Mans with a silver medal, will they be able to bring this digital victory to life in 2017 and maybe bring the Austrian reign to an end? I am dying to see that.

These are the results of the Best Squad and PDD polls. Just a small disclosure: I am so so so sorry for the PDDs, but unfortunately our software doesn’t allow us to write your full names.


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