Happy New Year! Three Questions To The VaultingNews Authors

Happy New Year to all our readers!

A personal lookback from our four VaultingNews authors for the start of the year. We would like to spend also 2017 with you, so, we start with a short introduction of us.

We hope that 2017 will be a great year, and would very much like to spend it with you!


Charlotte Rimaud is one of the four writers of VaultingNews.

… 27 years, journalist, French-Irish-American, not that active in vaulting anymore but can’t stop completely, “vaulting is my drug”!

My biggest achievement in 2016 was to finish my journalism school and be offered a full-time contract in a newspaper specialized in the horse racing industry. I am proud to say that I am now officially a journalist.

My favorite word in English is: Crunchy 😂 Maybe because I like to eat a lot! I love crunchy stuff! and my favourite English / Irish chocolate bar is called Crunchy. I find it sounds good when you hear it as well!

My favourite vaulting exercise is flag in compulsories and hang off the neck in freestyle. Flag because I always get my best scores in the flag haha and I find it nice and smooth to see. It looks easy but is not at all. Hang off the neck of the horse because since I ever started vaulting I was asked to do it starting on the back, holding only one hand, then holding it for like 10 canter strides so that someone else could do something while I was hanging off the side of the horse in a team for example. Then I started doing it on the neck, and with only one hand holding the roller. I find it comfortable even though it doesn’t seem to be.


Brazilian ex-vaulter, psychologist, works in advertising, pastry chef wannabe.

Ana Celina Belotti is one of the four VaultingNews authors.

2016 was a pretty strange year because it started with me having a 12-hour surgery performed on my brain to take out a brain aneurysm. On one hand, it was a pretty awful way to begin the year and with everything that has been happening in the world it was a very rough 366 days. But, on the other hand, I have been given an incredible chance to still be here and alive, for the aneurysm was pretty serious, so I feel like my greatest accomplishment is being here, well and still being able to go after my dreams.

Today, 12 months later, I have been accepted to a master’s program in Digital Media and Communications in London which is something that I worked really hard for and I feel happy and excited for 2017.

My favorite word in English is gullible because it brings me funny memories and because it sounds cool.

My favorite exercise is “Wildegg’s / VG Pill’s bridge” because it brings me nice memories and I still have chills watching it. My favorite compulsory exercise is the flag. I would like to mention another exercise, which my team-
mates and I would call Zuza, I like it so much that I named my dog after it in 2008.

As an extra, I would like to mention a move that my team-mates and I would call Zuza, I like it so much that I named my dog after it in 2008.76986_106091962797188_2064761_n


Margaret Swearingen is one of the four VaultingNews authors. Biggest achievement: buying my first home in my favorite town, which happens to be 15 min from where WEG 2018 will be held!

Favorite word: halcyon, it sounds cool and the meaning I think is very nice 🙂

Favorite exercise: scissors for compulsories, but for freestyle I love needle because it is simple but still very elegant. And of course anything that Team Noroc did this year.


Adele Feuerstein is one of the four authors of VaultingNews.

… 26 years old, working in a Next-Generation Sequencing start up in Germany. I am still into vaulting but it is not my first preference anymore. Even that the world cup is coming to my city I will not have the chance or make it possible to take a look at it.

My biggest achievement in 2016 was to finally finish my bachelor in business administration and finally start to work. Leaving vaulting as an athlete / coach and finish my studies was pretty hard for me. It took eight years.

I have no favorite word in any language. I really like to learn new words. After the success of remembering a new word, I use it in every short text because I am so proud of it.

Since the question is for the favorite exercise this year I go for the hand in hand handstand by Wildegg. Then there were complete performances which gave me goosbumps every time I heard the first few sounds of the program like Noroc, Montmirail, Fredenbeck and many more.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.