Mind.Body.Vault – The First Ever Online Vaulting Training Program

This week, everyone who registers has the chance to win a four weeks vaulting video training program worth 78 Euros by Mind.Body.Vault!

The program concentrates on fitness and yoga exercises which support the vaulting training. For each week four videos are prepared for you to train at home or with your team. You will get lots of ideas for your training.

Mind.Body.Vault was created by Alicen Divita and Mari Inouye, both vaulting athletes who are now working professionals in the yoga, fitness and health industries. They came together to create Mind.Body.Vault just this year, partially in response to what they felt was a need in the vaulting world. “So often as I am teaching clinics, people are asking me how they can incorporate yoga into their training regimen. Mari was always getting similar questions in her training sessions, so that is how the idea for Mind.Body.Vault was born!” says Alicen. The two are always making each other laugh and feel the partnership is much like being on a vaulting team, supporting and pushing each other to reach their goals. As business partners, friends, athletes and professionals, Mari and Ali each bring something unique to their creation.

The program is like having a personal trainer and yoga instructor in your home, each knowing exactly what a vaulter needs. Mari says, “We created these videos so people can take their workouts and professional training materials with them wherever they go!”

“Ali” Divita adds, “We are vaulters so we know the specifics of training. Now we each have training as professionals to add to that experience.” Ali did her yoga teacher training in 2010 and has been teaching in studios in California and to vaulters around the world ever since.

Both Mari and Ali are trained as Health Coaches, which means they include nutrition and lifestyle balance in what they offer.

The pair has targeted their classes for vaulters, focusing on specifics such as lower body mobility, hip openings, upper body strength and finding calm in the midst of intensity. The two relate to the concept of yin and yang: providing a holistic style of training, balancing the hard work and cardio with flexibility training and mindful breathing. (They even wear professional white and black training attire to add the aesthetic of their vision!)

As clinicians, coaches, trainers and yoga instructors Mari and Ali are in high demand. “We wanted to make this program affordable, so we priced it about the cost of one hour working with us,” says Mari. For the cost of one hour, you get 16 videos, about 6 hours of video to content (to play over as many times as you like!) as well as a few bonus features. The program is designed for any time of season, so most of the classes you can benefit from taking any time of year.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.