Konraad Vergauwen Just Revolutionized Vaulting Music

We are seeing great enthusiasm from all over the world this week! Thanks to Konraad Vergauwen and his platform VAULTINGMUSIC.

Let’s elaborate:

The CVI Belgium is organized by the Vanlerberghe family: Renaat & Sophie, the parents of vaulter Lauren are the hosts of one of the biggest competitions in the annual vaulting schedule. Her brother does the music and of course Lauren and her lunger, Konraad Vergauwen, also help full-time. In 2016, CVI Belgium hosted 30 squads, 9 Pas-des-deux and 134 individuals.

Now, let’s do some maths:
30 x (1 entrance music + 1 compulsory music +1 freestyle music)
+ 9 (1 entrance music + 1 freestyle music)
+ 134 (1 entrance music + 1 compulsory music + 1 tech test music + 1 freestyle music)
= 644 music files

Anyone who has ever tried to organize vaulting music, transitions, entrance musics etc etc, knows what a difficult task it is.

Well, Konraad Vergauwen has taken control of it all. He is now organizing vaulting music with a new platform: VAULTINGMUSIC.

Konraad Vergauwen created a really nice, plain and simple tool that will make the work of competition organizers much easier! VaultingNews has tested it and created a participant’s account. It is really easy. Username, name and competing category are needed. With a basic account, vaulters, lungers and coaches can manage all categories in which they are competing. Then, they upload one music file for every test.

There is no possibility to store more than one version. The organizers don’t have to deal with sticks or CDs with many songs anymore. If the vaulters want to change their music for the next event, they delete their current file and upload the new one. The organizers can now download the folders for every participants with correctly named files.

The new tool will definitely be used at the CVIs Belgium and Switzerland in 2017. A test on a smaller scale (number of participants) might be done at the World Cup in Mechelen in December.

I am really looking forward to this major improvement. For outsiders, nothing will be noticeable. But for those “behind the scenes” of vaulting competitions, there will be a much better structure. It is really nice to see that we are getting professionalism into our sport. Konraad Vergauwen wants to make vaulting a little more professional. So thank you and congratulations that you set yourself such a heroic task, Konraad.



Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.