How Many German Champonships Can There Be?

Because Germany is by far the biggest vaulting country (in terms of numbers) it is always interesting to follow its development, rules & championships. The country has so many clubs, squads, horses & coaches that it is able to divide them into many categories:

  • non-canter or state specific rules
  • beginners (A)
  • easy (L)
  • two middle categories (M* & M**)
  • difficult (S)
  • junior.

For the last 4 categories there is something like a German championship. Of course we have the “difficult championship”. This can be compared to the level of European & world championships for seniors. Second most important competition is the junior German championship. But careful at that point. In Germany it just means the vaulter is younger than 18. He can vault in a beginners or difficult squad.  (1) For those two championships the vaulters have to qualify in their state. The quota allowed to compete depends on the number of vaulters in the state. To get an overview of the juniors of the current season there is a “Price of the Best” in spring. It is an official FN event in Warendorf for which squads & individuals can qualify in selections.

Germany has also a South (7) and a North German Championship (4). The north has a given number of attendees (3) and the south has no restrictions for participation at the moment (5) but it can depend on the schedule (2).

Then there are the M Team Cup (6) & the L Team Cup. 3 squads from every state can take part. It isn’t officially a German championship because the others are organized by the FN, the governing body of German vaulting. These two are a great opportunity for smaller squads to perform on a big national stage.

Every of the 17 state associations holds its own championship. Five states (Rhineland, Hesse, Saarland, Westphalia und Rhineland – Palatinate) compare their vaulters at a “5 states comparison competition”. Every member can send 2 representatives of every category.

That was a lot of input. Here is our infographic to get an easy overview which live streams (this week M-Team-Cup) or results we are talking of.


I am really glad to cross this project from my list. It has been staring at me from there for two years now. It took so long because it was not easy to gather the information. I really hope it is correct. If not, please do not hesitate to tell me. The sources:

(1) Schedule German Junior Championship 2016, number 1., 2. and 3.

(4) Participants North German Championship: Bremen, Berlin-Brandenburg, Hamburg, Hanover, Mecklenburg-Hither Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Weser-Ems, Schleswig-Holstein

(7) Participants South German Championship: Saarland, Hesse, Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate, Thuringia, Baden-Wuerttemberg

(5) “Derzeit gibt es keine Zulassungsbeschränkungen, d.b. jede Mannschaft eines Landesverbandes ist, ohne vorherige Nominierung durch den Landesverband, startberechtigt.” (Retrieved September 29, 2016), asking for the qualification citeria at the organizers of the SDM 2016, they said the qualification is according to a quota.

(2) Schedule South German Championship 2016

(3) Schedule North German Championship 2016

(6) Every M team has eight vaulters at the MTC. In the categories A to M you can choose between 6 and 8 vaulters nationally.

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