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A few weeks ago, the national championships of The Netherlands and Germany took place, Italy will follow in two weeks. All of them chose a different combination of judges:

The Netherlands: Internationals at the nationals

They invited five international and certified FEI judges which guaranteed a very high level. Furthermore, a look at the list and into the past tells us, it is the first time that two former vaulting world and European champions judged together: The German Dietmar Otto (EC: 1984 and 1985, WC: 1986) and Jacques Ferrari (EC: 2013, WC: 2014).

The Netherlands had a new qualification rule for the championships this year. Everyone who wanted to participate had to compete at two national events where they had to reach a given score. It was not difficult to do that if you have been there. But for example, Claire de Ridder participated in two world cup legs, five CVIs and the worlds. There was no time for national qualifications.

In the end Carola Sneekes became champion for the tenth time in a row, followed by her sister Esther and Roxanne Ruigrok. The Sneekes have also won the PDD, team Roy Rogers won the senior class, in the easier class the squad of TOP with Delicious were on top of the podium, and the junior squads were won by the national squad on Warnix.

Germany: keeping things to themselves

Germany, on the other hand, invited only national judges. For the first second time, a pas de deux was honoured as German champion. The title went to Torben Jacobs and Theresa-Sophie Bresch (European champions 2011*). Johannes Kay bruised a bone on the first day in Le Mans so that the pas de deux from Neuss did not compete. Jolina Ossenburg-Engels and Timo Gerdes won silver with 0.4 points behind the winners. The third place was nearly 1.2 points behind the first. Jannis Drewell won the individual male title followed by Viktor Brüsewitz and Daniel Kaiser. After three titles for Corinna Knauf in the ladies individual class, it was now time for Kristina Boe’s first German championship gold medal, followed by Janika Derks and Corinna Knauf. But Corinna Knauf won a much more longed for gold medal: The senior squad of Köln-Dünnwald finally made it to the top of the podium for the first time! ** Congratulations. Ingelsberg, who won silver in Le Mans, got silver here too. Team Riedmühle won their first ever medal by taking bronze.

Italy: the middle course

Italy invited three international judges for their championships in two weeks: the 4* judge Pavla Krauspe from Slovakia, 4* Helma Schwarzmann from Germany and 3* judge Cynthia Denvers from the Netherlands. I didn’t know that the latter is a judge too. I only saw her lungeing till today.

Italy invited the foreign judges not only for the championship but also during the year for some clinics. They helped the lungers and vaulters on a regularly basis. We should see the improvements at the nationals already.

Argentina: the new ones

And finally a short look at Argentina: Ariela Agosto and Juan Manuel Cardaci finished their education. They are now 2* judges and allowed to judge internationally. That’s a big step for American vaulting. South America has now three international judges (all from Argentina). The other two American FEI judges are from the U.S. (Complete list)

* According to Wikipedia not to the FEI data base. For the FEI Hannah Eccles won the championship with Theresa-Sophie Bresch. Nonetheless, I am sure I remember a Swanlake freestyle.

** They are listed as German champions together with Neuss for the year 2010. Both clubs sent three vaulters for the squad with the horse Weltoni of Köln.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.