Czech Vaulting Wedding: Weronika Schönwaldová And Josef Zelinka

After the long vaulting season with many competitions and a lot of travelling, vaulters and coaches find time for some thing unrelated to their sport. For Weronika Schönwaldová and Josef Zelinka, it is their wedding day. Both competed at the world championships in Le Mans as S*** individuals on Aladin lunged by Ondrej Svoboda. Next week at the Czech championships, they will compete also as individuals but then as Mr. Zelinka and Ms. Zelinkova.

The Czech vaulters Weronika Schönwaldová and Josef Zelinka


Of course, there had to be some vaulting horses around.

You can check out their freestyles bellow:

This one is for Josef Zelinka:

And here is Weronika Schönwaldová:

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