France/Noroc : new world champions, new kind of vaulting?

We have a new world champions in the senior squad category. And this one comes with great mystery and innovation. Is it a new kind of vaulting? Learn more:

The presentation of the French team Noroc was being quite expected by the whole vaulting world when they took the arena last sunday in Le Mans… However, taking the title from Germany was quite a surprise! Fourth after the compulsories (exercises they are usually better at), they managed to come back up to the second place after their first freestyle. And finished in first place after the second round beating the German team from Ingelsberg.

Led by the 2014 World Equestrian Games winner, Jacques Ferrari, the team has started a new way of vaulting, actually can we call it theatre on a cantering horse? Seriously, look at their artistic, it even got scored a 10 on the final day! Although it wasn’t the first time the scored was reached, since Neuss had already reached that score in artistic and the Austrian pas de deux, Jasmin Lindner and Lukas Wacha did it a few times too, their presentation was absolutely remarkable, since France has less tradition than both countries.

Now do we really get to say that France is a less traditional vaulting nation? I mean, it’s been quite some time that French vaulters appear in the podium in every major international championships, and this was the third consecutive World Championships that they’ve come out with a golden medal. So I guess it’s come the time to call France officially a vaulting powerhouse. If they weren’t before (which would be naive) Germans, Austrians and Swiss vaulters should be getting worried about French. – Celina

Let’s focus a bit more on Noroc’s freestyle which should had have you questioning yourself, what are they doing? What exactly are they representing? What’s their story?


Here is our interpretation: Right, we can all guess they are dressed up as birds, thanks to the feathers and birds heads on their hands and the flyer Romane representing a pink flamingo.

The sroty of the freestyle seems to represent a fight between two “bird families” (the black birds and the white birds) over the little pink flamingo.

If you listen to the music, you can feel the logic in it. No words, sounds of wings, birds’ noises, whistles, etc. these in coordination with the vaulters’ movements on the horse and expression of their faces, brings us into their world.


Can you guess who the vaulter trying to bring the fight to an end is? We have our own guess, and it’s a woman.

Watch the video in high quality and give us your opinion:

Some of their exercises represent a swan or an eagle and even sometimes birds flying out or peeking their heads out of their nest. At one moment, the fight gets really intense, but there is one thing that you discover throughout the four minutes offreestyle: One vaulter/bird is fighting for both sides. The question is whether this birt will be able to bring peace to the team, or not.
So, are you convinced?
France was already considered as a good and top level vaulting nation, thanks to its male individuals.

Now the French team is on the top of the world as well. They had already managed to get up on the third step of the podium several times before, but this golden medal comes as a real consecration and we hope to see others following their style or creating a unique one in the (near) future…
Will it create a new kind of vaulting? Has France managed to bring artistic and technique to the top? Will France be considered as a real rival from now on?


I am an Irish vaulter, becoming a judge but I am also French and live in Paris where I work for a horse racing daily newspaper. I am also the author and owner of the blog .