TBT: Jasmin Lindner, all the way to the top

Throughout the past four years we’ve come to love Jasmin Lindner for her amazing partnership with Lukas Wacha in PDD competitions. I am pretty sure that Lindner and Wacha won basically every competition they have entered since their first World Championships golden medal in 2012. – Since we are in the Olympic vibe, I think it’s safe to say that they are the Simone Biles of pdd vaulting. In fact, there were only threee occasions when they didn’t end up with the golden medal, and in all of them they finished with silver: At the Europeans 2011, World Cup in Munich 2014 and at the World Cup in Salzburg 2014.

Well, Jasmin surprised us once more this weekend at the World Championships in Le Mans. Not only did she bring home gold in the pdd competition, but she scored the individual golden medal as well. I didn’t expect that, and she has recently stated that she wasn’t expecting that medal either.

Before this, Jasmin won a medal for Austria in every major competition for the last NINE years.  And we’ve decided to put together her best moments.

NOTE: Yes, we are about to see great vaulting, but I would like to say that we are about to see some serious Unitard Art. I don’t know who designs Jasmin’s catsuits, but they are always gorgeous. To me she will always be the vaulter in amazing catsuits.

Earth, fire, water and wind – Jr European Championships 2007

You know those routines that mark your youth? Well, this was one of them for me. I remember watching it and feeling absolutely inspired to bring these moves to  life when I vaulted as part of a team.

Well, Jasmin was that little flyer in the white catsuit.

The only place to find this one is at Marc’s. Click here to watch it. They are the winning jr team for Austria.



Under the sea – World Championships – Brno 2008

This was an epic routine and scored the team from VG Pill a silver medal at the World Championships in Brno, 2008. I actually remember thinking “Oh, this flyer is amazing, she is going to be a world champion someday”.

I really recommend you watch this at Marc’s because their top work was at the World Championships. Here is the link.

This was another presentation they did:

Horse Symphonie – European Championships  Malmö – 2009

I have to say that this is my favourite freestyle EVER.

There isn’t a video of the European Championships of 2009, but it was Austria’s top moment in history: They scored the gold medal in the team competition that year.

I just love how they used the music and the whole artistic aspect of the freestyle: Each one is an instrument (Jasmin is the flute) and the music fits each theme. I think this is just really good vaulting.

Cirque du Soleil – World Equestrian Games – Kentucky, 2010

During the WEGs in Kentucky VG Pill didn’t have their best competition ever and Jasmin wasn’t the main flyer anymore, but she was a huge pillar of that team. What’s more interesting is that you can see the beginning of her partnership with Wacha right there.

They went home with a bronze medal.


PDD Debut – European Championships Le Mans – 2011

PDD was first introduced on international level in 2011. At the European Championships that year, Lindner and Wacha made their debut and won the bronze medal.

I struggled to find this one, but Marc has it. Click here and check it out.

PDD Champions – World Championships Le Mans – 2012

And here it is.

My favourite Jasmin unitard ever.

I remember reading the entrance list and thinking: Wait, those are the guys from VG Pill, and that’s the amazing flyer.

They delivered nowhere short of my expectations and ended up being the first world champion pdd in history.

Your heart is a mess – European Championships – Austria 2013

This routine was very important because I am almost sure it was the first time someone managed to score a ten in the artistic score at international level. Ever. (This happened at the CVI Doha in 2014, but the routine was used throughout 2013 and won them the gold medal at the Europeans that year).

The closest we’ve been to perfection – World Equestrian Games – Caen 2014

This was the time they defended their title during the World Equestrian Games in Caen back in 2014. They scored over 9 points on the first and second round.

European Championships – Aachen 2015

The 2015 pdd was based on an opera and performed like one: an incredibly high level of control, made to look effortless, which is what we’ve come to expect from this pair.

Interesting aspect: It was the first big change they did in the structure of their freestyle.

Nostradamus – World Championships – Le Mans 2016

Finally, their latest PDD innovation: Apocalyptic Nostradamus interpretation. Nothing short of amazing.

In 2016 we see a bit more of an avant garde theme, but still so technically challenging yet effortlessly executed that they almost seem to be not human.

World Champion routine – Le Mans 2016

Finally, here is the moment we’ve been waiting for. Jasmin Lindner, world vaulting champion in 2016. Against all odds, she did it. It’s a simple and clean routine, amazing work. And, as usual, amazing unitard.



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