Junior Freestyles One By One

Let’s go through the ranking of the junior squads after the freestyle from the end to the top.

Russia: Their horse started very fast. The surrounding wasn’t his thing. But the vaulters did really well. They were able to show all their exercises after a rough start. For some teams including for Russia the music was very loud in my opinion. I don’t know if it affected the horses.

The Netherlands: Warnix was a little bit excited and fast. Though they were able to show their program which might look different on the barrel. They couldn’t show what they can. They managed the situation very well. I really can’t remember one bigger fall in the whole round. Great achievement from everyone!

Great Britain: Looks like a young squad from another small vaulting nation. They started with some music interpretation on the ground and were not able to contiue on the horse. Though, they showed all their exercises and went through well with a few uncertanties.

Denmark: Great freestyle! Everything was thought through of their theme angels and little flying devil. The exercises were not that difficult but adequat to their possibilities. A very clean freestyle was developed. Well done.

Slovakia: You know, I love freestyles without any heartattacks for the audience. And that’s what I liked most about this freestyle round. Slovakia was the last competitor with a freestyle that pushed them three places to the top of the table, now on six. With shiny purple catsuits they showed what they can.

Italy: Another great theme for Italy, it fits so well. Still remembering their peerformances as Pirates of the Carabean and carneval, they showed another fast routine which shows what fun they have while vaulting.

Czech Republic: What a surprise! Fourth best freestyle and overall on the fourth place so far. Is there a chance for the podium? A calm, secure, clean and unagiated performance with a small boy as flyer was great to watch. After the triple didn’t go well, they did it as a double. Nice one!

Austria: This wasn’t secure what they showed with their new team. Some acting was great and much better to watch live than on the small screen, but they didn’t carry me away. Some jiggles did not create a round picture. We have seen better from the Clubbies. Though it was the fifth best freestyle on a top level.

Switzerland: Is it a little bit too obviously that I am a big fan of Montmirail, the Swiss junior squad? They vaulted on the music with many nice ideas. Although they won the freestyle round with 0.2 points, there was some room for improovement. Let’s do some math without putting any pressure on them: If Germany and Switzerland show the same freestyle on Saturday again, Montmirail would end up on the top of the podium.

Germany: This was German accuracy in perfection. All arm movements were so synchronous and the static exercises so secure. With no small flyer they showed many difficult double exercises. The six static triples were used but not so high up like we have seen from other junior teams. If they drop the two or three wobbles for the second round, it can become a perfect freestyle.

Adele Feuerstein

I am Adele Feuerstein the founder of the blog. I used to vault & train teams in Germany. Now I am only an observer & love to share my knowledge about international vaulting with you.