2 Days Till Le Mans: When The Club Isn’t Near Your Hometown

Because we had no chance to report about Italy in the past, we want to catch up on it with our second post about Italy in one week. We talked to the coach and lunger Michela Callegari who will lunge for the junior Isabella Spillantini in Le Mans.

It is the first championship for the young vaulter and also for the eight-year-old horse Dublin. It was difficult for the three to plan their summer because the nominations were published only four weeks before the big event. Fortunately they kept working as usual.

This means that Isabella has a 250 km journey to make to come to training. There are no vaulting clubs where she lives. Most of them are located near Rome or in the north of Italy. “So we have to plan the training with the horse and the club work carefully. During school periods she comes for the weekends, in summer she comes and stays two or three days a week”, her coach Michela Callegari told us.

In preparation for the Europeans, the training was very intense for two weeks at the end of July. They worked with two different horses each day. Two weeks before the championship they slowed down with the focus on technique and specific vaulting exercises. In addition to the sessions in the club, the training at home is also very important. There, Isabella concentrates on physical preparation. She has something like a small gym with mats, balls, weights and rubber bands at home. Additionally, Isabella trains on her own moving barrel with her mom who supports her vaulting as much as she can.

She trained hard to earn her trip to Le Mans. They will drive two days and 1200 km. They don’t know yet if the association will help them with the costs for transport, but it is for sure that the national federation will pay the entry fee for lungers, horses and vaulters as well as the hotels. We wish them all the best for the first big championship

Adele Feuerstein

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